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Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluation forms are available in eForms. Log in through the Online PortalOpens in new window .

  • Click on the "Titan Online" tab
  • Scroll down and click "My WorkPlace" in eContent
  • Select "eForms - Human Resources"
  • Select "Search All Form Templates"
  • Enter "Performance" in the search field
  • Select the appropriate form

Position Management

For questions or concerns on the Position Management forms below, please email Position Management.

  • Position Action Form PDF File Opens in new window
    Complete this form to request the creation of positions, position data changes and split funding costs in CMS.
  • Multiple Position Action Form
    Complete this form to request changes for multiple positions. Changes can include creating a new position, inactivating or reactivate a position or updating data on existing positions.
  • Student Task Profile Form PDF File Opens in new window
    Complete this form to create, change or inactivate Student Task Profiles. If you have specific questions on the use or set up of Task Profiles, your Division Finance Coordinator or College Budget Analyst are good resources.

Accessing Multiple Position Action Form

All Position Management forms are available online via My Workplace. To access the forms, please do the following:

  • Go to your Portal
  • Click on “Titan Online”
  • Click on “My Workplace” in eContent
  • Click on “Payroll” in the eForms – Human Resources section

NOTE: The Multiple Position Action Form can be found within the “Department Summary Forms” folder with the Payroll section.

Professional Development

Safety / Risk Management

Workers' Compensation