Form W-2s, Wage and Tax Statements, are mailed by the State Controller’s Office (SCO) directly to the employees’ home address on the SCO’s database as of December 13 of each year. Employees must receive W-2s by January 31st of each year.


W-2 Wage and Tax Statements


What if my address changed?

Employees have the option of changing their address by logging into the campus portal and utilizing the self-service feature.


Address Change InstructionsPDF File Opens in new window


Can I obtain an electronic copy of my W-2?

The State Controller’s office has developed a new portal, Cal Employee Connect, for state employees to access additional information pertaining to the employees’ employment. Please note that Cal Employee Connect does not replace the CSUF campus portal.  Employees canaccess their 3 most recent w-2s. It is advisable to keep a copy as this information will refresh to reflect the newest w-2s. 


View Cal Employee Connect


Duplicate Request

Refer to the link provided by the State Controller’s office to complete a duplicate w-2 request form

https://www.sco.ca.gov/ppsd_empinfo_dpw-2.htmlOpens in new window  


W-2 FAQs

https://www.sco.ca.gov/ppsd_empinfo_form_w2.htmlOpens in new window