Form W-2s, Wage and Tax Statements, are mailed by the State Controller’s Office (SCO) directly to the employees’ home address on the SCO’s database as of December 13 of each year. Employees must receive W-2s by January 31st of each year.


W-2 Wage and Tax Statements


Can I obtain an electronic copy of my W-2?

Cal Employee Connect W-2 Paperless Statement

Cal State Fullerton & The Cal Employee Connect (CEC) team is excited to announce the deployment of the new W-2 Paperless Statement feature. This new feature will allow employees to download current and previous years’ W-2 statements beginning with the 2016 Tax Year using any internet-connected device. Our “W-2 Paperless” option will help to reduce or minimize potentially higher future printing and mailing costs moving forward.  In addition to these savings, the following benefits could also be realized: 

    • Eco-Friendly by reducing unnecessary paper usage
    • Minimize the potential for mail theft
    • Negate the time to request and receive a duplicate statement
    • Expedite the scheduling and filing of Income Tax returns.


Implications to consider with the new W-2 paperless feature:


  • Employees who “opt-in” will be able to view and download their next year’s W-2 Statement earlier than those who are still scheduled to receive their printed version in the mail. Paperless participants can expect their W-2 in mid-January.
  • The enrollment period runs from February 1st to November 30th. You may only select your preference during this period. You may opt in or out anytime between the enrollment period; However, once you make your selection for the year it must stay that way until the next enrollment period.
  • If you have already opted-into the W-2 paperless feature this year, you may not opt-out until the next calendar year beginning – February 1st. If you opt-out on 2/1/24, your change request will be effective immediately and will receive a paper W-2 the tax year you decide to opt-out. 
  • These changes can be made under the User Profile tab, under the W-2 paperless toggle selection. 



  • Employees who decide to not take advantage of this feature, nothing further is required from you. When you sign into your Cal Employee Connect, simply select the “Remind me later” message at the home screen. 
  •  If you do not opt-in, you will not be able to download or print your current or past W-2’s as an official PDF form. Employees will only have the option to view their W-2 form on the CEC portal.
  • A paper copy of your 2023 W-2 tax statement will be mailed to the address as shown on your CEC User Profile. 
  • Be sure to update your address if you have recently relocated by updating in the Employee Portal or submitting an Employee Action Request form via the Payroll Services website. The address change must be completed by December 15, 2023 in order for your W-2 to be mailed to the correct address.


W-2 Paperless Option InstructionsPDF File


To participate in the new paperless feature, please log into your Cal Employee Connect (CEC) account and opt-in to “W-2 Paperless” by November 30, 2023 . Visit Cal Employee Connect (CEC) for registration instructions. For instructions to opt-in to the W-2 paperless feature please see above.


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What if my address changed?

Employees have the option of changing their address by logging into the campus portal and utilizing the self-service feature.


Address Change InstructionsPDF File Opens in new window



Duplicate Request

Refer to the link provided by the State Controller’s office to complete a duplicate w-2 request form

https://www.sco.ca.gov/ppsd_empinfo_dpw-2.htmlOpens in new window  


W-2 FAQs

https://www.sco.ca.gov/ppsd_empinfo_form_w2.htmlOpens in new window