Employee Separation & Property Clearance

Voluntary Separations from the university 


The Employee Separation & Property Clearance formOpens in new window is used to initiate a notice of separation to Payroll Services and an electronic property clearance for the following:

    • Full time Faculty – Resigning, retiring or entering FERP
    • Part Time Faculty – Only use when leaving position prior to appointment end date
    • Staff and Management – When resigning, retiring, or ending temporary employment contract
    • Student Employees - Only use when leaving position prior to appointment end date

Employees who are transferring to another CSUF division or department, a separation form should not be completed.  

Employees with two positions on campus and are only resigning from one position, can select the specific position without completely separating from employment. 

If an employee cannot complete the process, Faculty should contact their Department Chair and Staff/Management should contact their first level manager (MPP) or their division HR Coordinator for assistance.

All entries must be made in CSU Time prior to last day worked. 


Employee Separation & Property Clearance formOpens in new window



Information for Faculty and Staff Separating from University: 

Separating Employee Responsibilities


  1. Complete the Employee Separation & Property Clearance formOpens in new window in ServiceNow.
  2. Provide a formal Resignation Letter to the appropriate administrator. For staff, this is the first-level manager in the Management Personnel Plan (MPP) to whom the employee reports to. For faculty, this is the Department Chair. It is not necessary for a temporary employee to complete a resignation letter unless their appointment is ending prior to the original end date and he/she is initiating the separation.
  3. All entries must be made in CSU Time prior to last day worked.
  4. Return resources and property in your possession and pay any financial obligations. This includes the return of procurement cards and the final reconciliation of all outstanding procurement card statements (this includes state p-card, ASC card and CSFPF card). All property and resources must be returned to the appropriate department or the employee’s appropriate administrator/Department Chair.
  5. Review and complete the Separation Checklist for EmployeesPDF File .
  6. Participate in a confidential online Exit Survey. HRDI will provide the online exit survey shortly after a notice of separation is submitted. You may also schedule an exit interview with HRDI, to schedule an exit interview, please email hrexit@fullerton.edu.
  7. Complete the Departing Employee Documentation of Work and Committees formPDF File . This worksheet is intended as a guide for the employee to document their work and committees they serve on.


Manager Responsibilities


It is the MPP Supervisor and Appropriate Administrators responsibility to ensure all property is collected, all outstanding reconciliations are completed, and reimbursements owed to the university are collected .


  1. Ensure the separating employee completes the Employee Separation & Property Clearance formOpens in new window in ServiceNow. If the employee is unable to complete this form, the Manager or division HR Coordinator should complete on their behalf.
  2. Approve separating employee's time entries in CSU Time.
  3. Confirm the return of university property and equipment, campus identification card, keys, purchasing cards and the settlement of any outstanding accounts.
  4. Confirm all purchasing card reconciliations have been completed (State p-card, ASC, CSFPF).
  5. Confirm all travel expense claims have been completed.
  6. Confirm the Separation Checklist for EmployeesPDF File  has been completed.
  7. Confirm the Departing Employee Documentation of Work and Committees formPDF File  has been completed.

To recruit for staff or MPP positions, please visit our Talent Acquisition Website for more information.

If you wish to have an existing employee take on the duties of this separating employee, please visit our Compensation and Classification website to explore options.

Student Employment information can be found on our Student Assistant Employment Website.

For faculty recruitment, please contact your department chair.


Exit Interview


As you leave your position here at the University, we believe you have a unique perspective on the work environment here. In order to continue improving our work environment, we encourage you to participate in a voluntary in-person exit interview before your last day of employment or soon after. 

Once you complete the separation process, you will receive an email with additional information on how to schedule an exit interview or participate in a confidential exit survey if you prefer. Your honesty is greatly appreciated and your opinions are highly valued. Your feedback provides insight into the work environment here at CSUF and the factors that may lead to an employee’s decision to leave.




Going to another public employer?


As a member of CalPERS, you may be eligible for the benefits of reciprocity. Reciprocity is an agreement among public retirement systems to allow members to move from one public employer to another public employer within a specific time limit without losing valuable retirement and related benefit rights. Contact CalPERSOpens in new window for more information.




Emeriti Program 

Faculty, management and staff employees, including employees of the University’s official Auxiliary Organizations, who retire immediately upon their separation from Cal State Fullerton may be eligible to be awarded with emeritus status with its accompanying privileges. Visit the emeritus status webpage for more information. 




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