Employee Separation & Property Clearance


When staff, MPP or full-time faculty voluntarily resign from their employment with the University or employment contracts end, employees will log-on to the Faculty and Staff Separation site/formOpens in new window  to initiate a five-step technology-assisted * Employee Separation and Property Clearance process.


Steps include:

  1. Complete a web-based Separation Form on the Faculty and Staff Separation site/formOpens in new window .
  2. Complete and provide a formal Resignation Letter to appropriate administrator (for staff this is the first-level manager in Management Personnel Plan to whom the employee reports) or Department Chair.  It is not necessary for a temporary employee to complete a resignation letter unless their appointment is ending prior to the original end date and he/she is initiating the separation.
  3. Complete Notice of Separation and final attendance forms.
  4. Contact designated departments about returning resources and property in their possession and pay any financial obligations. This includes the return of procurement cards and the final reconciliation of all outstanding procurement card statements. All property and resources must be returned to the appropriate department or the employee’s appropriate administrator/Department Chair.
  5. Meet with appropriate administrator or Department Chair to complete Employee Separation Checklist.
  6. OPTIONAL Participate in a confidential Exit Survey and/or request Exit Interview


* If an employee cannot complete the process using a computer, faculty should contact your Department Chair (faculty) or your first level manager in the MPP (staff) or HR for assistance.