Taking a Class On a Field Trip


Taking a class on a field trip

A field trip is defined as an off-campus group learning activity led by a faculty or staff member who travels with the group. Field trips do not include off-campus assignments such as internships or visits to a local museum where a student acts independently of a group assignment. Field trip participants are limited to University faculty, staff, volunteers and currently enrolled students.


Under special circumstances, a spouse, parent or child may participate in a field trip only with the prior written approval of a Division Head or designee.


Faculty responsibilities are listed below, but you should also review the entire Academic Field Trip Guidelines.

  1. Forward to their department chair prior to the beginning of each semester a list of those courses or course sections that incorporate field trips as part of the curriculum.
  2. Make any field trip a component of the course requirements and include this activity in any course syllabus.
  3. Student Travel Accident Insurance, which can provide medical expense benefits to an injured student, is only available if the field trip is listed as a course requirement.
  4. Inform and discuss with students the known risks associated with the field trip.
  5. Instruct and discuss with students how to properly and safely handle situations reasonably likely to occur during the field trip. Inform and discuss with students campus emergency proceduresOpens in new window and explain their application to the field activity.
  6. Inform and discuss with students their right to not participate in a field trip based on their perception of the risks involved,
  7. Begin and end all field trips on campus whenever possible to ensure a proper head count and submission of waiver forms.
  8. Exercise a degree of supervision over the activity appropriate for the degree of hazards involved.
  9. Maintain an accurate copy of the Academic Field Trip Participant List on the field trip and in the department office.
  10. Ensure that only those students who have signed an Academic Field Trip Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement participate in the field trip.
  11. Inform and discuss with students UPS 330.232 and any department policy related to student use of alcohol on field trips.
  12. Ensure that no alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are transported in a university or privately-owned vehicle used on the field trip.
  13. Student use of alcohol on field trips is governed by UPS 330.232 and department policy.
  14. Call 911 immediately concerning any incident involving serious injury or death, multiple injuries, extensive property damage or whenever appropriate. Contact University Police (657) 278-2515 as soon as possible.

Download the Academic Field Trips Faculty & Staff GuidelinesPDF File Opens in new window brochure.