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President Virjee Welcomes CHRS to Fullerton


I am thrilled to announce that Cal State Fullerton has been selected by the Chancellor’s Office to implement the Common Human Resources System (CHRS).  It is a privilege to have been chosen, along with Stanislaus State, as one of the first two campuses to lead the CHRS project to fruition!

CHRS will:

  • consolidate Human Resource systems and data throughout the entire CSU by moving all 23 campuses and the CO to a single, common system with a shared database.
  • enhance the CSU’s ability to collect and analyze HR data.
  • facilitate improved, data-driven decision making across the entire CSU system.


CHRS is an exciting development for our campus, as its implementation will greatly improve our institutional effectiveness.  Being an early adopter of CHRS is a tremendous opportunity, as it gives our campus a voice in establishing the future of systemwide HR decision making.


I know the challenges of the past year have been immense, but thanks to HRDI and IT’s commitment, we have already made considerable progress.  That commitment extends beyond division leadership; I am equally committed to making CHRS a resounding success.  A common Human Resources system has been a dream of the CSU for some time, and thanks to the diligent work of tenacious Titans, that dream will finally come true!


I extend my thanks and support to HRDI and IT for assisting in the development and build of such a powerful tool, and I look forward to when our campus embraces the finished product.  In our current climate, a technological solution like CHRS is more valuable than ever.  As valuable as CHRS is, the greatest value of all is the Titan Spirit that shines through your innovative work.  Thank you for bringing that spirit to CHRS and for your continued efforts!


Be sure to visit the CHRS Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any immediate questions and review the rest of the CHRS website for more information.


Stay safe and healthy!


President Fram Virjee