Faculty Additional Employment (FAE)


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Academic Year



Full-Time (2403) and Part-Time (2359) Faculty Additional Employment

TAE Groups and Workflows


  1. Access the AEM Form portal.
  2. Under MyForms – Search “Faculty Additional Employment" and select the blue arrow on the right.
  3. Select and complete Faculty Additional Employment Request Form in AEM. 
  4. Retain completed AEM form for your records.
  5. Enter the appointment in TAE for EE Group 08 using the Creating a Faculty Additional Employment Appointment guide.
  6. Review faculty additional employment appointment in TAE by Data Reviewer and Budget Reviewer using the TAE Reviewer guide.
  7. Academic HR Services reviews appointment in TAE.
  8. MPP Approves faculty additional employment appointment in TAE using the TAE MPP Approver guide.
  9. (Optional) Faculty review and acknowledge appointment notification in self-service using the Faculty Appointment Notice guide
  10. Payroll will process the appointment in TAE.



  • Use WTU/ hours conversion chart
  • If staff completing faculty additional employment process does not have access to TAE, request access here.
  • This work is included in 125% restriction.
  • Additional employment appointment does not apply to FERP participants.







Special Consultant Quick Hire 

Processed by Talent Acquisition: Complete Special Consultant Quick Hire



  • This work is included in the 125% restriction.






Faculty doing additional work compensated using funds administered by ASC or Philanthropic Foundation go to SCPR website for more information.



  • For questions concerning additional faculty work by full-time and part-time faculty, please contact Academic HR Services - Julie Ngin at extension 8040 or Melissa Ballin at extension 2696.
  • For questions concerning the Special Consultant Quick Hire process, please contact Sarah Bouzos at extension 4047.
  • For questions concerning additional work by faculty compensated with ASC funds, please contact Charles Greenwood at extension 4102.
  • For questions concerning additional work by faculty compensated with Philanthropic funds, please email foundation@fullerton.edu.
  • For questions concerning the 125% restriction on additional work by faculty, please contact the Provost's office - Alyssa Adamson at extension 2194.
  • For questions concerning faculty professional development, please go to Accademic Affairs.
  • For questions for those currently on H1B or have other employment authorization issued by USCIS, please contact Shannon Ledoux at x2255.