Manager Resources



Classification/Compensation Action Request (CCAR)

Submit most Classification/Compensation forms and action requests through the streamlined action request system as per appropriate collective bargaining agreements.


Diversity & Inclusion Guides/Resources 

Find guides and resources to help support employees and ensure equity and inclusion on campus. 


Employee Accommodations Request

Find out how employees may request reasonable disability accommodations and procedures for returning to work.


Employee Injury

Find important procedures on how to respond to and report an employee injury, how to seek medical treatment and steps for returning to work. 


Employee References

Find state policies pertaining to employee references and how to request an official reference from the university. 


Employee Verifications

Learn how to submit a request to verify income or employment. 


EO1083 Acknowledgment

Find information related to the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act for general reporters and limited reporters.



View  paid and unpaid leave options for CSUF employees offered by the CSU. 


Paid Time Off 

Learn more about the options available to your employees as needs for time off arise. 


Performance Evaluations

Learn more about the annual performance evaluation planning process and how to complete evaluations.



Find common campus and system wide California State University policies. 


Recruiting for Staff/Management Employees

Find processes, procedures and resources for hiring staff/management employees. 


Recruiting for Faculty Employees

Find processes, procedures and resources for hiring faculty employees. 


Separation Process

Find information on how employees may formally separate from the university. 


Student Supervisor

Find student assistant supervisor resources to guide you as a student employer on campus. 



Find information on how individuals may serve as University volunteers.



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