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Laws and regulations


The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is a civil rights law designed to remove barriers which prevent qualified individuals with disabilities from enjoying the same employment opportunities that are available to persons with disabilities. The law is regulated and enforced by the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC).


California statute expands qualified disabilities as those which include mental or physical conditions which “limit” a major life activity, rather than “substantially limits.”  The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (FEHA) regulates the California statute regarding disabilities.





Procedure for Requesting a Reasonable Disability Accommodation


We will make every effort to provide a reasonable accommodation for individuals with qualified disabilities. Please make all requests early. This process may take several weeks to complete, depending on how soon we receive your information and the necessary documentation from your physician.


  • Contact your immediate supervisor or the Total Wellness Office.
  • Complete and submit the Request for Disability/Reasonable Accommodation.PDF File Opens in new window
  • Submit the completed Medical Inquiry FormPDF File Opens in new window . This must be completed by your doctor.
  • Engage in Interactive Process Meeting(s) with ADA Manager and Supervisor regarding Accommodation request.
  • The ADA Manager review request.
  • Decision made on a reasonable disability accommodation.



Released to work with no restrictions

If the employee is released to return to work without restrictions, the employee must obtain from the physician, a written release to return to work full duty and give the release to the manager or supervisor upon returning to work. The manager or supervisor should fax the copy to (657) 278-5973 or email to DL-TotalWellness.

Released to modified or light duty

If the physician releases the employee to return to work with restrictions, the employee’s manager or supervisor and the ADA Manager will review the work restrictions and determine if the department is able to accommodate the restrictions, to assist the employee in transitioning back to their full duties.

If a temporary transitional assignment is feasible, the ADA Manager and/or employee’s manager or supervisor will conduct an interactive process meeting with the employee to review the transitional assignment and the work restrictions prescribed by the physician. The temporary assignment will be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that the employee is continuing to improve. Changes will be made as appropriate. Multiple interactive process meetings may be necessary.

If a temporary transitional assignment is not available, the ADA Manager will contact the employee for an interactive process meeting to discuss available options. Multiple interactive process meetings may be necessary.

The employee’s manager or supervisor should not allow the employees to return to work without a written released from a physician.