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Most Classification/Compensation forms have been consolidated to create a streamlined process. This allows individuals to submit the following Action Requests as per appropriate collective bargaining agreements.

For assistance, please email the Human Resource Services - Compensation Services team at

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  • Classification Review

    Classification Review
    The purpose of a classification review is to ensure the position is appropriately classified according to the established system-wide classification standards. For details, refer to the Staff Classification and Compensation Manual.

  • In Range Progression

    In Range Progression
    An In-Range Progression (IRP) is a permanent salary increase to a staff member’s base salary. Such an increase is campus funded from departmental budgets and is made within the existing salary range established for the classification, or within the skill level sub-range for classifications with skill levels. For details, refer to the Staff Classification and Compensation Manual.

  • Equity Increase

    Equity Increase
    Equity salary increases may be authorized only by the President. These increases are to be approved only in rare circumstances based upon appropriate documentation.

  • Reassignment

    Reassignment Information
    Temporary Reassignment
    A staff member may be temporarily reassigned by a manager to perform the duties of a higher classification or skill level. A staff member assigned to the higher classification must possess the minimum educational/experience qualifications for the classification as described in the Classification and Qualification Standards.

    Lateral Reassignment
    Employees may be reassigned to another position in the same classification and skill level as the employee’s existing classification and skill level. For details, refer to the Staff Classification and Compensation Manual

  • Reassignment

    Reassignment Information
    The appointing power may assign an MPP employee to different duties in the same position or different position when determined that such assignment or reassignment is in the best interests of the campus.

  • Stipend

    Staff members who are assigned temporary project coordination, additional work or special projects, lead work functions, or if the employee maintains contact with the campus outside normal working hours are eligible for salary stipend consideration. These supplemental work assignments are to be made in writing and must have a specific beginning and ending date. For details, refer to the Staff Classification and Compensation Manual

  • Supervisor Update Only

    Supervisor Update Only
    An action request to update the MPP supervisor only updates the employee’s first line MPP Supervisor. Human Resources highly recommends that the MPP Supervisor updates the employee’s position description to reflect the new MPP Supervisor.

During this transition to a paperless process, Action Requests not listed above will need to be submitted on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Click here to access the AEM forms portal.