Paid Time Off


California State University, Fullerton provides employees with a bank of hours to use as the need or desire arises.



Paid time off for employees 


FFCRA Update:



Employees earn vacation time depending on their position, length of service, classification and bargaining agreement. For more information, contact your Payroll or Benefits Office.


Monthly Vacation Accrual

Employee Classification

Length of Service

Hours Per Month

Executive, MPP, Confidential, TA's (Unit 11)



All Other Represented Employees

1 month - 3 years

6 2/3


37 months - 6 years



73 months - 10 years

11 1/3


121 months - 15 years

12 2/3


181 months - 20 years



241 months - 25 years

15 1/3


301 months+


Part-time employees

Pro rata basis



Maximum Accrual

Employee Classification

Less than 10 yrs.

More than 10 yrs.







Unit 3 (CFA), Unit 4 (APC), 2, 5, 7 and 9 (CSUEU)



Units 6 (SETC), 1 (Physicians), 8 (Public Safety), 10 (Operating Engineers), E99 (Excluded)



Unit 11 (Teaching Associates only)







  • Vacation is accrued following completion of a qualifying month-of-service. A qualifying month-of-service consists of 11 days or more of pay in a pay period for full-time and part-time employees. For intermittent employees, a qualifying month-of-service consists of 160 hours.

  • Vacation credits may not be used prior to their accrual, which occurs on the first day of the following pay period.

  • Vacation credits may not be used prior to their accrual, which occurs on the first day of the following pay period.

  • Upon separation, employees are entitled to a lump sum payment of unused vacation time.


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Jury Duty

An employee who is summoned for jury duty service is eligible for paid jury duty leave for the days that he/she actually reports to jury duty. On-call jurors who are not required to report for jury duty service are not eligible for paid jury duty leave.


Depending on the employee's category, an hourly employee or an employee that works less than full time, is eligible for time off with pay for jury duty for only those hours he/she was scheduled to work.


To initiate Jury leave, indicate the time served on the attendance form #634 in section 7F. Attach the Jury notice and monies received to form #634 and forward to your attendance reporting clerk.


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 Bereavement/Funeral Leave

Employees are eligible for up to five days of bereavement leave with pay for each death of an immediate family member or of a significantly close relative.Please refer to your Collective Bargaining AgreementOpens in new window  for the definitions of immediate family member and significantly close relative.

  • Employees may request to extend their bereavement leave by using accrued sick leave(subject to supervisory approval and the provisions of applicable collective bargaining agreements).


Additional Information:

For more information about this benefit please visit the CSYou Bereavement LeaveOpens in new window  benefits website.