Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity Programs


Fostering and exemplifying an equity-minded campus.


Our vision is to be integral to campus transformation, driving impactful initiatives that promote a positive and inclusive campus climate


DIEP Strategic Initiatives Engagement & Learning Resolution Education
Equitable Searches Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Staff Development Center


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Our dedication to Diversity & Inclusion means we provide expertise and resourcefulness while striving for excellence and take the time to listen, acknowledge, then act.

We take action through our many initiatives to educate and empower the campus.


We develop and support practices, programming, and policies across the broad spectrum of inclusivity, equity and civility for the CSUF campus community.

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CSUF Staff Development Center

The Staff Development Center (SDC) advances staff members’ capacity for personal and professional growth and empowerment while promoting their sense of connection and belonging.  

Staff Development Center


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