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amplified: csuf's common listen program


Amplified  is a proactive dialogue series that harnesses the power of community through podcasts. By educating the campus community on equity and social justice issues through open dialogue,  Amplified  aims to provide the space for participants to develop essential skills for engaging in conversations across differences and foster critical connections between personal identity and social justice. Each month, a highlighted podcast will be chosen for the campus community to listen and come together for dialogue.


Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Academy

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Academy (DILA)

DILA provides an immersive experience through the integration of competency-building seminars, applied learning, and critical dialogue.


Faculty & Staff Association

Faculty & Staff Associations (FSA)

Faculty & Staff Associations are affinity groups that help promote opportunities for community building, networking, and providing support to fellow Titans.


Faculty of Color Learning Community

Faculty of Color Learning Community (FOCLC)

The purpose of FOCLC is to support the retention of faculty of color at Cal State Fullerton. FOCLC is a space to unpack the institutional nuances that impact faculty of color in their trajectory to retention, tenure, and promotion through full professor status.


Inclusion Champion Certificate Program


The ICCP is a certificate program that all members of the CSUF community can participate in as a means to learn tools for becoming a 'Champion of Inclusion' on campus. ICCP courses provide opportunities for self-reflection, increase cultural competency and awareness, and offers tangible application to participants' current campus roles.


Inlusive Leadership Symposium

Inclusive Leadership Symposium (ILS)

This interactive symposium focuses on concrete practices, approaches, and frameworks that will assist leaders in their role as diversity change agents in building inclusive campus environment.


Leadership Excellence and Development Program

Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD)

The Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) program is a transformative and comprehensive leadership development initiative designed to empower and nurture the potential of managers at Cal State Fullerton. The program aims to equip Titan managers with the essential skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to excel in leadership roles and make a positive impact in their workplaces.


Social Justice Week

Social Justice Week

Social Justice Week is a week-long virtual conference that engages the entire Titan community in learning activities and dialogue centered on the issues of social justice. The event creates opportunities for learning and engagement through the lens of what social justice means for different social identities and social issues.

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Titan Table Talk

Titan Table Talks

Titan Table Talk is a monthly dialogue event in which panelists are invited to speak on their personal and professional experiences as it relates to the selected theme.

Titan Table Talks

Titans Together

Titans Together

Titans Together is CSUF’s commitment to being transparent and accountable in improving our campus climate.

Titans Together



Course Catalog

Catalog of personal and professional development courses we offer, including courses that count toward the completion of the Inclusion Champion Certificate Program (ICCP).

Course Catalog



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