Voluntary Summer 9/80 Work Schedule


What is a Voluntary Summer 9/80 Work Schedule?

The voluntary summer 9/80 work schedule is a flexible work option that provides alternating summer Fridays off for eligible employees who opt-in. Managers may offer this alternate work schedule to their employees as long as it does not adversely impact the department's operational effectiveness. Managers and employees should discuss a 9/80 schedule and determine first Friday off based on department needs. Managers will complete the 9/80 request form for the employee to acknowledge.


Eligible Employees

All 12-month full time employees who start employment by April 30, 2024.


2024 Inclusion dates

The 9/80 schedule will begin May 27, 2024 and end August 2, 2024.


Effective dates

There are two effective dates for managers and employees to consider when choosing a Summer 9/80 work schedule:

  1. Option 1 May 31st first Friday off
  2. Option 2 June 7th first Friday off

2024 requests are due by Tuesday, April 30, 2024: Fully executed forms must be submitted to Payroll Services through AEM FormOpens in new window on or before April 30, 2024.

Summer 9/80 Work Schedule Request Form

For new employees who begin work between April 30, 2024 - May 29, 2024, managers may reach out to Payroll Services at absencemanagement@fullerton.edu. No AEM forms for new employees will be processed after May 29, 2024.


Steps to Request 9/80 Summer Schedule

  • Step 1:

    Employees who would like to participate in the summer 9/80 work schedule should discuss their request with their managers. The appropriate administrator should consider the operational needs of the department when considering submitting a 9/80 form for an employee. 

    • If approved, the manager and employee must choose a beginning Friday for absence mangement updates. 

      Option 1
      : Friday, May 31, 2024; OR 
      Option 2: Friday, June 7, 2024

  • Step 2:

    The manager will complete the Summer 9/80 Work Schedule Request Form for either exempt or non-exempt employees based on their position in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) portal and submit it to the employee. 
  • Step 3:

    The employee will acknowledge the form in AEM and submit the completed form to Payroll Services. 
  • Cancelling Participation in the 9/80 Summer Schedule:

    If an employee cancels their participation in the 9/80 schedule prior to August 4th, they must contact their manager and Payroll Services to determine appropriate next steps. Please be aware that due to payroll processing, employees may not be able to immediately go back to their normal working schedule.

Scheduling Considerations


  • Multiple participating employees. Departments with multiple employees participating in the Summer 9/80 may want to consider approving Option 1 for one employee and Option 2 for another employee. Utilizing multiple options will ensure office coverage on alternating Fridays.
  • Lunch/Break times. Employees may request either a 30 minute or 1 hour lunch from their managers. Managers will set start times and lunch breaks with employees.
  • The 9/80 Schedule. A regular work week is considered to be Monday through Friday. For a 9/80 work schedule, the work week period begins at the midpoint of the bi-weekly 8-hour day. Employees work nine (9) hours per day on four (4) consecutive days during each calendar week and an additional eight (8) hour shift on the alternating fifth (5) consecutive day every other week during a fourteen (14) consecutive day period of time. The summer 9/80 work schedule provides for alternating Fridays off.
  • Holidays during the 9/80 schedule. If an employee is assigned to an alternate work schedule and a holiday is observed on a non-workday, the employee remains entitled to the holiday observance if they are in pay status on the day the holiday is officially observed. The number of paid hours for the holiday observance is typically equal to the employee's normal workday.

Excess/minus Hours for Non-Exempt Employees


Excess/minus hours only apply to non-exempt employees.

Excess hours under the State pay plan, salaries are paid to employees for either 21 days (168 hours) or 22 days (176 hours) depending on the number of days in a pay period. This is based on a standard work schedule of Monday – Friday, 8 hours per day. If an employee works an alternate work schedule (i.e., 9/80) a fluctuation in hours occurs. Non-exempt employees who participate in the summer 9/80 work schedule will use excess hours earned to offset any deficit hour balances in that specific pay period there is a deficit balance. If a deficit balance does not exist, employees will be compensated for any hours worked in excess of the standard hours in a pay period (all units employees under the bargaining agreement unit 8). Absence Management automatically calculates the excess/minus hours based on the 9/80 schedule on file for the employee. Pay for excess hours should issue from the State Controller’s Office approximately 15 days after the Absence Management calendar for the pay period has been closed.

Excess Hours – Additional hours an employee works that exceed the standard 168 or 176 hours in a pay period.

Negative or Deficit Hours
– Hours not worked - when an employee works less than the standard 168 or 176 hours in a pay period.


Annual Reconciliation of Deficit Hours
The campus is required to reconcile employee deficit hours at least once each calendar year in January. When reconciling an employee's deficit hours through December 31st, the affected employee may use available leave credits (Vacation, CTO, Holiday Credit, and/or Personal Holiday) to offset the deficit balance, or the campus must establish an accounts receivable, as appropriate, if no leave credits are available to offset the deficit.


Examples of excess/minus hours