Celebrating Our Employee Grads




Tips from a Titan Employee Graduate

Over 10,000 joyful Titan graduates from the class of 2020 and 2021 crossed the stage this June to celebrate their momentous achievement. Among the many Titans who graduated this year, many of our own Titan employees also graduated with a degree in higher education. Learn more about this year’s Titan graduate employees and what tips they have for students pursuing their degree and colleagues who are considering going back to school. Drop a congratulations in the comments section of our social media posts on Instagram/Twitter @csufhr! 






Lucia De La Torre




Lucia De La Torre

Administrative Coordinator II, Student Affairs
Master of Science in Psychology, Counseling, Hope International University


What are you most proud of during your most recent school year?     

Seeing my community come around me to support me through the finish line, and my willingness to let them. I couldn't have done it without each and every one of them. Read more about Lucia







Marisela Delgadillo




Marisela Delgadillo

Parking Permit Coordinator, Administration and Finance
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, California State University, Fullerton


What tips do you have for Titan employees considering going back to school?

It took me 16 years to continue my education, I was scared and nervous — yet excited. Talk to other people that are currently pursuing a degree and ask questions. That helped me ease my stress. Don't hold back on your education. Read more about Marisela.







Helen Doblin




Helen Dolbin

Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Academic Affairs
Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, California State University, Fullerton


What is your favorite CSUF memory?

It’s a compilation of memories of watching our student workers evolve, grow, graduate, and move on in their lives.  It’s encouraging to know how many quality individuals are out there trying to make a positive impact on the world. Read more about Helen







Vicky McLeod Grad Photo




Vicky McLeod

Budget Specialist, Academic Affairs
Bachelor of Science in Human Services, California State University, Fullerton


What tips do you have for Titan employees considering going back to school?

Use the benefit we are offered as an employee to further your education for personal growth. I am proud to be a Titan not only as an employee but an Alumni! Read more about Vicky.







Jennifer Wheeler Grad Pic



Jennifer Wheeler

Disability Management Specialist, Student Affairs
Master of Arts in Education, Counseling, San Diego State University


What tips do you have for Titan students pursuing their degree?

Take care of yourself. I know everyone says it, but it's true. The degree is important but so are you and your mental and physical health. And honestly, sleep, exercise, and nutritious food may prepare you for that exam better than the all-nighter study session you had planned. Read more about Jennifer






Nicole Yang Grad Pic




Nicole Yang

Lecturer of Visual Arts, Academic Affairs
Master of Fine Arts in Illustration, California State University, Fullerton


What is your favorite memory at CSUF?

Right after commencement when I was hooded during the ceremony. I walked through the crowd with all the other grads looking for their family members. I remember seeing my parents across the sea of people and they were both smiling and crying. I've never seen them that happy. I am a first-generation immigrant and first in my family to receive a master’s degree. Read more about Nicole







Interested in learning more about tuition reduction and reimbursement programs for employees/their dependents?

The CSU Fee Waiver and Reduction Program is a tuition reduction program available to eligible CSU employees and their dependents that allows eligible individuals to attend classes at any CSU campus at reduced rates in pursuit of a degree. Visit the CSU Fee Waiver and Reduction Program webpage for more information and eligibility details.