Employee Graduate Spotlight

Tips from a Titan Employee Graduate


Vicky McLeod


Vicky McLeod

Budget Specialist, Academic Affairs


Bachelor of Science in Human Services, California State University, Fullerton


Vicky has served the University as a CSUF employee for 10 years and has worked for the CSU system across two campuses for a total of 34 years.



What is your favorite CSUF memory?

I would say having my son accepted in the BFA-Theatre program and watching him cross the graduation stage in 2016 - a proud Mom for sure. Another is being named to the fall 2018 Dean’s List in the College of Health and Human Development as a result of outstanding academic achievement. I took four classes while working full-time and received three As and one B.


What tips do you have for Titan students pursuing their degree?

Never give up - do not focus on how long it takes to complete your degree just keep moving forward.


What tips do you have for Titan employees considering going back to school?

Use the benefit we are offered as an employee to further your education for personal growth. I am proud to be a Titan not only as an employee but an Alumni!


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome while pursuing your degree?

Life challenges such as raising a family and going through a divorce which is the reason for starting and stopping many times over the past 22+ years.


What are you most proud of during your most recent school year?     

During my undergraduate schooling, I am proud to have taken 12 units while work full-time at CSUF and I made the dean's list in fall 2018. I took summer classes even though the fee waiver did not cover because I wanted to graduate in August 2020. I applied to the MPA program in January 2020 at CSUF and proud to have been accepted. I started in fall 2020 as a graduate student, which I told myself I just wanted my BS degree, but I was wrong. I want to continue learning and serve the public.