Employee Graduate Spotlight

Tips from a Titan Employee Graduate


Nicole Yang


Nicole Yang

Lecturer of Visual Arts, College of the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Illustration, California State University, Fullerton


Nicole is a first-generation graduate who has served the University as a CSUF employee for six years.



What is your favorite memory at CSUF?

Right after commencement when I was hooded during the ceremony. I walked through the crowd with all the other grads looking for their family members. I remember seeing my parents across the sea of people and they were both smiling and crying. I've never seen them that happy. I am a first-generation immigrant and first in my family to receive a master’s degree.


What tips do you have for Titan students pursuing their degree?

It's not a race so take a breath and enjoy the experience. I miss it already!


What tips do you have for Titan employees considering going back to school?

It was one of the best decisions I've made in my academic career. Do not give up! The challenges make you stronger and the end result is so worth it.


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome while pursuing your degree?

The biggest challenge for me was juggling other responsibilities like work and moving priorities around but it's a skill I've learned to master and take it with me into all other aspects of my life.


What are you most proud of during your most recent school year?     

In my final semester of school, I created a large body of work for a solo exhibition that concluded my MFA degree. It's the first time I've been tasked with putting together an entire solo show for myself and it took about a year to get it all together. On opening night, I was very nervous and expected maybe around 30 people to show up, but it ended up being well over 120 and I was completely blown away by the support I've found within the CSUF community. It was a night to remember!