Foreign Travel Liability Insurance 


The CSU Risk Management Authority oversees the Foreign Travel Liability Insurance Program. This program is designed to provide financial protection for both trip participants and the University for claims arising from sponsored foreign travel.

While this insurance does not eliminate campus liability, it provides an alternative resource associated with medical assistance, personal assistance, travel assistance, security assistance and Workers' Compensation coverage. This insurance is available to all University employees and students when traveling internationally related to the University.  Student coverage does not include Workers’ Compensation.


How do I obtain Foreign Travel Liability Insurance?

Employees can fill out an online request form through the

Foreign Travel Insurance DatabaseOpens in new window


Use your Portal login to get started. Requests for foreign travel insurance are process according to departure date. Any high hazard travel becomes a priority due additional documentation and levels of campus approval involved. Student’s requesting foreign travel insurance for their study abroad program will need to contact International Programs and Global Engagement.