What Type of Coverage is Provided With Foreign Travel?


The Foreign Travel Liability Insurance Program is designed to provide financial protection for the University for claims arising from sponsored foreign travel. While this Program does not eliminate campus liability, it provides an alternative funding source for losses associated with general liability, automobile liability on an excess basis and Workers' Compensation coverage.

This insurance also provides coverage for emergency medical expense (up to $25,000 in excess coverage with a $250 deductible); medical evacuation (up to $100,000 in excess coverage); accidental death and dismemberment (up to $100,000 in excess coverage); repatriation (up to $25,000 in excess coverage); and assistance services, which include the following:

  • Pre-departure information (for example, immunization, medical exams and treatments, visa requirements, weather and travel hazards)
  • Lost Baggage/Passport Assistance (provides telephone support by contacting the appropriate authorities involved and providing direction for replacement)
  • Insurance Coordination (completion of insurance and medical forms)
  • Evacuation and Repatriation (coordination of emergency medical evacuation, return of mortal remains)
  • Travel Medical Emergency Services (obtain local medical care, monitor quality and cost of hospital treatment, confirm travel medical expense insurance, guarantee payments to providers, and maintain contact between personal and local physicians)
  • Legal Assistance (arrange assistance for local attorneys, embassies, and consulates, maintain communication with family)
  • Emergency Cash (arrange for cash through banks, consulates and hotels)
  • Travel Agency (reservations and arrange for replacement of lost or stolen airline tickets)

Coverage includes Trip Interruption Insurance.

Coverage territory is anywhere in the world excluding the United States, its territories or possessions; Puerto Rico; the territorial waters of the United States, Puerto Rico; or those countries, jurisdictions and/or territories against which the government of the United States of America (including any department or subdivision thereof) administers and/or enforces economic and/or trade sanctions.

To avoid a surcharge, no more than five employees may travel together on the same boat, plane, bus or train. Insurance is not available for high risk activities such as but not limited to hang gliding, white water rafting, ski trips, scuba diving, sailing, rock climbing, sports camps, special needs programs, and rental of automobiles other than private passenger vehicles.

To obtain a quote for International Travel Liability Insurance, please use your portal login information to complete the request for Foreign Travel Liability Insurance.

Requests for foreign travel insurance are process according to departure date. Any high hazard travel becomes a priority due additional documentation and levels of campus approval involved. Once the insurance has been bound, travelers will receive a "Travel Assist" card from Risk Management that provides instructions on how to access the insurance benefits and includes necessary emergency telephone numbers.