Inclusion Champion Certificate Program

Program overview

The CSUF Inclusive Champion Certificate Program (ICCP) supports the Titans Together: Striving for Justice, Equity, and Inclusion initiative by adding to the options for campus-wide education and awareness regarding racial equity and justice. The ICCP is a certificate program that all members of the CSUF community can participate in as a means to learn tools for becoming a 'Champion of Inclusion' on campus. ICCP courses provide opportunities for self-reflection, increase cultural competency and awareness, and offers tangible application to participants' current campus roles.  All participants that complete the required coursework will be acknowledged at the end of the academic year to celebrate their accomplishment and dedication to inclusion at CSUF.


Learning Outcomes

Participants of the Inclusion Champion Certification Program will:

  • Learn shared definitions of common diversity, inclusion, and equity language
  • Understand foundational knowledge of equity practices as it relates to racial equity in their role on campus
  • Engage in practical opportunities to expand their cultural awareness and those around them
  • Gain skills necessary to embed equity-minded practices to their everyday work
  • Build community through learning communities and engagement opportunities


ICCP Framework


ICCP Framework Triangle

The framework seeks to help participants understand themselves, their role on campus, and how to leverage their sphere of influence to impact positive change through racial equity and justice at CSUF.


Knowledge and Capacity Building Objectives

  • Learning opportunities to help participants gain foundational knowledge and understanding of racial equity
  • Learning opportunities to enhance the skills in advocating for racial equity

Engagement and Community Building Objective

  • Programs/Events that help participants deepen their understanding of lived experiences as it relates to racial equity
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to connect the knowledge gained in workshops/trainings to lived experiences

Reflection and Application Objective

  • Exercise for the participant to share how they have connected their learning to the engagement components of the framework
  • Action planning for participants to connect the ICCP program to their work and role on campus



Completion of Program

The ICCP completion requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of all Core Courses
    • DEI 101
    • Allyship 101
    • Titans Together: Introduction to Racial Equity Module
  • Completion of FIVE elective courses
    • Elective courses can be found in the DIEP newsletter, along with education opportunities with a variety of campus partners.
    • If you find an elective course that meets the ICCP framework and it is not listed in the DIEP monthly newsletter, reach out to to confirm.
  • Attendance at TWO unique engagement programs
    • Engagement programs should align with the ICCP framework and can be found through DIEP or other campus partners.
    • If you find an engagement program that meets the ICCP framework and it is not listed in the DIEP monthly newsletter, reach out to to confirm.
  • Application and reflection essay
    • Submit answers the following prompts with at least 600 words per prompt:
      • How has the knowledge you gained from ICCP impacted your personal and professional life?
      • How do you plan to utilize the knowledge and experiences you gained from ICCP to improve equity and inclusion at CSUF?




Tracking Your Progress

Each participant is responsible for tracking their own progress for ICCP. The ICCP Completion LogPDF File can be used to assist participants in logging their coursework.


Upon completion of certificate requirements, submit the ICCP Completion Log to The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs will confirm receipt and completion of courses, programs, and reflection prompts.



Employee Training Center (ETC)

Core courses and elective courses* are recorded in the ETC on the CSUF portal. Courses will reflect in the ETC by the end of each semester.

*Please note that engagement programs are not recorded in the ETC.




Q: What is ICCP?

A: ICCP is the Inclusion Champion Certificate Program and is housed in the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs to promote equity-minded practices on campus through knowledge, community, and reflection. For more information, see the program overview and ICCP Framework.


Q: Who can receive an ICCP certificate?

A: Anyone at CSUF – faculty, staff, students, alumni, and on-campus community partners.


Q: Where do I find when ICCP offerings?

A: ICCP offerings are announced in the DIEP monthly newsletters in the Fall and Spring semesters. Newsletters are sent to CSUF employees, however, students, alumni and other campus-community members can subscribe hereOpens in new window . View previous newsletters online.Opens in new window


Q: I took some of these courses already. Can I use those towards this ICCP?

A: Only courses completed Spring 2020 and after can be counted towards the ICCP certificate. Trainings/workshops evolve to meet the needs of our campus. To ensure that our participants are getting the most relevant knowledge for our community, ICCP will only accept trainings and programs from Spring 2020.


Q: Is there a timeframe to receive the certificate?

A: All trainings and courses can be counted towards the certificate for two academic years. For example, if you took your first course towards the certificate in Spring of 2020 then that course can count towards your certification until Spring 2022. If a course exceeds two academic years, you will have to re-attend the training or program. This ensures that all participants have received the most up-to-date and relevant information for our campus community.


Q: I see other engagement programs that meet the ICCP framework that wasn’t in the DIEP newsletter, can I take those courses as electives?

A: Yes, there are many engagement opportunities that exist on our campus to help build equity-minded practices and understanding. If you find an engagement opportunity that meets the ICCP framework, reach out to to confirm that course as one of your engagement program requirements.


Q: I work for an office/department that provides trainings/workshops and programs that align with the objectives and ICCP framework. How can I get my trainings/workshops and programs included in ICCP?

A: It is our goal to include as many educational and engagement opportunities as possible that meet the criteria for ICCP. If you have more opportunities for our campus, reach out to Cecil Chik at to inquire about listing your trainings/workshops and/or programs.


Q: I forgot what date I took one of my trainings. Can I still get credit for it even if I don’t put down a date?

A: All the trainings and workshops facilitated by DIEP are listed in the Employee Training Center (ETC). A staff member from the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Program (DIEP) can help confirm attendance dates for those ICCP courses in ETC. However, ETC is only available to employees (faculty, staff, administrators, and student employees) and only include trainings/workshops. We recommend filling out the ICCP Completion Template as you meet program requirements. Courses facilitated by areas outside of DIEP may not be in ETC. Contact facilitators for non-DIEP sessions to confirm a date.


Q: I finished! Now what?

A: If you have completed all the required the components of the ICCP, fill out the ICCP Completion LogPDF File and submit it along with your reflection prompts to


Q: What’s the different between an elective course and an engagement program?

A: An elective course seeks to increase knowledge while the main purpose of an engagement program is to connect knowledge learned in the core and elective courses to lived experiences. For example, a module on pronoun usage and how to incorporate in the classroom is an elective course. A panel discussion where transgender and non-binary panelists discuss their experiences in the workplace would be an engagement program, where participants can take knowledge from their pronoun use module and connect it to lived experiences of transgender and non-binary individuals in the workplace.


Q: Can I submit my essay in a language other than English?

A: Yes, to ensure that all participants have an equitable chance to complete the certificate program. Participants are able to submit their essays in a language that they are most comfortable expressing their experience and reflection.


Q: I require an accommodation to complete the ICCP Certificate. Will I still be able to participate?

A: Yes, please reach out to to discuss any accommodations that you might need to fully participate in the program.