Inclusion Champion Certificate Program

Course Descriptions


The course and program requirements for ICCP include educational and engagement opportunities from the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs as well as other campus partners. The Core Course descriptions are all listed below and offered multiple times throughout a semester. The Elective Courses are provided by many of our campus partners and are offered periodically throughout the academic year.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of Elective Courses and Engagement Programs. If you find a workshop/training or program on campus that aligns with the objective and framework of ICCP or wish to include workshop/training to the ICCP, please reach out to to inquire if you can utilize that opportunity for your certification. All ICCP offerings will be included in the DIEP monthly newsletter.



Core Courses Descriptions

(All courses must be completed)


Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity 101 (1.5 Hours)

Facilitated by: The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs

We hear the terms diversity, inclusion, and equity used all the time. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably. The purpose of this training is to provide shared language on what these terms mean and how you can put them into action as a member of the Titan Family to better our community. This class will also introduce the concept of privilege groups and how it might impact individual experiences on campus.


Allyship 101 (1.5 Hours)

Facilitated by: The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs

Becoming an effective ally is more than just listening to others talk about their traumatic experiences as a person belonging to a marginalized group. It is more about solidifying a course of action that helps you commit to eradicating those injustices. This workshop describes the concept of allyship in action related to combating social injustice on our campus and in our local and national communities. Participants will learn ways to be an ally against various forms of social injustice, interrupt negative discourse on social identity difference, and advance their allyship efforts into a space of solidarity. Participants will leave the session with tools and resources on translating their allyship into solidarity and action.


Titans Together: An Introduction to Racial Equity Module (1.5 Hours)

Facilitated by: Titans Together Facilitators

This foundational module will allow participants to understand racial equity better, particularly as it relates to CSUF, through the lens of history, self-awareness, and interpersonal relationships. The curriculum was developed by a task force representing faculty, staff, and student voices to ensure that the content is relevant and impactful for all campus community members.



Elective Courses Descriptions

(Five Courses must be completed)


Elective courses are training and development opportunities that increase the knowledge for participants on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Elective courses enhance a participant’s personal growth, builds on an inclusive workplace/classroom, and increases cross-cultural understanding.


Inclusive Workplace


Gender Identity and Pronoun Use (1.5 hours)

Facilitated by: The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs

This training will provide foundation information on gender, gender identity, and biological sex and highlight the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. The training will provide best practices on how to incorporate pronoun usage in your day to day work and interactions that help foster a space for inclusivity and learning.


Inclusive Customer Service (1 hour)

Facilitated by: The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs

The way we interact with our customers goes a long way in creating a safe and inclusive environment. This training will discuss ways to engage our community members with your services to be safer and more welcoming to all. Participants will discuss how different cultural norms affect customer service and how to best engage with different cultural norms while still providing quality service.


Supporting Transgender Employees at CSUF (1 hour)

Facilitated by: The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs

CSUF is committed to fostering a workplace that is inclusive of every Titan on campus. In efforts to keep this commitment, a “Supporting Transgender Employees” resource guide was created to provide best practices supporting transgender and gender non-conforming employees who wish to transition at their workplace.  This training will walk through different parts of the guide, how to use it, and provide scenarios to talk through situations in which the guide can be useful. 


Engaging Religious and Worldview Diversity on Campus (2 hour)

Facilitated by: Jessica Moss, Lecturer, Department of Sociology 

As a diverse campus, CSUF is responsible for providing safe spaces for students, faculty, and staff. Becoming aware of and engaging with religious and worldview diversity is key to creating a campus culture that is not just accommodating but respectful and inclusive of diverse identities. This session will provide participants opportunities to reflect on personal worldview identity, as well as perceptions towards others. The goal is to start a conversation that will allow us to build a safe, respectful, and inclusive campus. 


Navigating Workplace Diversity Conflict (1.5 hours)

Facilitated by: The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs

Even the best performing teams encountered conflict. It’s how you handle conflict when it arises that keeps the team productive and cohesive. This training will provide some foundation information on conflict and then focus on diversity-related conflicts due to perceptions, generalizations, and stereotypes of different social identities (i.e., race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) The training will end with some scenario-based trainings for participants to engage in dialogue and practice skills to handle conflict.


Inclusive Classroom


Engaging Beyond Diversity: Fostering a Classroom of Inclusion (1.5 hours)

Facilitated by: The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs

CSUF boasts a diverse student population, and creating a safe and welcoming learning environment will help ALL students feel like they can succeed and reach their potential. This training will provide an overview of the CSUF campus community, diversity and inclusion practices, and suggestions for inclusive classroom practices. This training is recommended for anyone who teaches any courses.


Personal Growth


Emotional Intelligence in Cross-Cultural Interactions (1.5 hours)

Facilitated by: The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs

Emotional intelligence is the awareness and management of your own emotions and others. This training will provide information on ways to develop emotional intelligence and how it applies to leadership and cross-cultural interactions.


Group Identity Based Ally Trainings *

  • Safer Space Training – Two-part series on LGBTQ cultural competency and allyship (2 hours each) [Facilitated by: LGBT Queer Resource Center, Diversity Initiatives Resource Center]
  • Undocu Ally Training – Two-part series on supporting Undocumented students (2 hours each) [Facilitated by: Titans Dreamers Resource Center, Diversity Initiatives Resource Center]
  • Vet Net Ally Training – Cultural Competency Training on working veteran students (4 hours) [Facilitated by: Veterans Resource Center]


*Each ally training will provide an ally sticker for office doors and windows upon completing the training or series.


Online Learning Platforms


Participants can utilize online learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning or webinars hosted by external organizations (i.e., CSU’s Got Talent, professional associations, etc.) to fulfill the elective requirement. Participants can choose ONE relevant online learning module to count towards an elective course for ICCP. Please ensure that the objective of the online learning module aligns with the objects of ICCP.



Engagement Opportunities

Participants are required to attend TWO unique* engagement programs to receive credit for ICCP. Engagement opportunities are any program or event where the objective aligns with the ICCP Engagement and Community Building objecting of programs that help participants connect the knowledge gained from trainings/workshops and connect them to lived experiences.  Below are some suggestions on where to find engagement opportunities on campus. This list is not exhaustive. If you’re unsure whether an event meets the requirements, send an email with the program’s title and a brief description to


  • Titans Together Initiative
  • DIEP Programs
  • DIRC Programs
  • VRC Programs
  • WARC
  • MSI
  • DSS Programs
  • FDC Inclusion Certificate


*Unique programs refer to two programs that are different in purpose, topic, and objective.