Tenured/Tenure Track/Temporary

Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments


General Information

All faculty appointments are made by the president or his designee, following the procedures established by the campus and the Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)Opens in new window .

At the time of appointment, faculty members receive a letter of appointment that includes the beginning and, for temporary faculty members, ending dates of the initial appointment, classification, employment status, timebase, rank, salary, assigned department, and any other special conditions of appointment, such as prior service credit, if any. This letter should be read carefully, and any questions should be directed to the college dean.

Appointments may be probationary (tenure-track) or temporary (lecturer). The appointment letter will include the new faculty employee's typical teaching assignment. Faculty members are assigned the required duties of their classification and position. A full-time assignment for faculty members is 15 weighted teaching units. Direct instruction varies depending on the work assignment. Part-time faculty members work a proportionate amount of time in keeping with their assignments.


Probationary Appointments

Generally, probationary faculty appointments initially are for periods of two years and are accompanied by additional conditions of employment specified by the college dean.

Tenure Track Required Hiring Documentation

CHRS Recruiting

  • Three Letters of Recommendation (confidential external)
  • Dean’s Recommendation
  • Chair’s Recommendation
  • Search Committee’s Recommendation
  • Transcripts-official required
  • Degree and Background Check Release and Authorization Form

Tenure Track Conversation (after completion of doctorate)

  • Official Transcripts-Usually mailed directly to HRDI DIEP-Academic Talent Management team from the degree granting university.
  • These can be sent to us electronically.

    To: Robin Graboyes rgraboyes@fullerton.edu
    Director of Faculty Appointments and Compensation-Academic Talent Management
    2600 E. Nutwood Ave. CP 740
    Fullerton, CA  92833

If missing any documentation please forward to ATM with notes. We will process as soon as possible in order to move the appointment forward.


Tenure Track Conversion (after completion of Doctorate)

Official Transcripts- Usually mailed directly to FAR from faculty's degree granting university.

Tenure Track with Service Credits Required Hiring Documents

Determine the Service Credit Period:

  • 1 Year: Fall of AY prior to hire date plus courses currently being taught
  • 2 Years: Fall of AY two year prior to hire date plus courses currently being taught
    (For Example: For a Fall 2019 hired, documents would cover 2017-2018 AY, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.)

Please note:

Scholarly or creative accomplishments must include:

  • Copies of publication, date published (or end product as appropriate) and peer reviews
  • List of work in progress
  • Teaching/student evaluation data for period of service credit and a list of courses currently being taught






General Information

Temporary faculty members, regardless of timebase, may be appointed for periods of a semester, parts of a year, or one or more years. Temporary faculty may be appointed a maximum of 15 units which is considered to be full time. Temporary faculty assigned fewer than 15 units are considered part time. The temporary appointment automatically expires at the end of the stated period and does not establish consideration for subsequent appointments or any further appointment rights. No other notice shall be provided. Lecturers are expected to be available to their students for one office hour for each 3 WTU's of instruction (workload is not measured in units, but for the purpose of part-time appointments. WTU is used to determine time base).


Conditional Appointments

Following two semesters of consecutive employment within an academic year, a part-time temporary employee (less than 15 units) offered appointment to a similar assignment in the same department or equivalent unit shall receive a one-year appointment with a timebase equal to or greater than the timebase in the prior academic year. Part-time temporary faculty appointments are conditional, based on enrollment, budget, and other considerations.


Unconditional Appointments

Full-time temporary faculty appointments are not conditional, with the exception of coaches. Coaches may be appointed on a conditional basis, which may include adherence to NCAA bylaws and other NCAA regulations. Ref CBA Article 12PDF File Opens in new window .

Lecturer Faculty - Three Year Entitlement Appointments

  • Temporary faculty (excluding coaches) possessing six or more years of prior consecutive service on that campus will be offered a three-year temporary appointment.
  • Temporary faculty holding a three-year appointment will have the expectation of appointment to subsequent three-year appointments except in instances of documented unsatisfactory performance or serious conduct problems.
  • One semester is equivalent to one year of service.
  • Three-year appointments will be issued for employment in each department where the temporary faculty member has established eligibility. (Ref CBA Article 12PDF File Opens in new window )

Lecturer Faculty - One Year Similar Assignment

Faculty who are appointed during the previous fall and spring semesters and who are offered an appointment the following fall in the same department (rather than a one-semester appointment at the same or higher time base and same or higher salary rate) must receive an academic year appointment.

(Ref CBA Article 12PDF File Opens in new window )

Required Hiring Documentation

Review the "Appointment for 1 Year or Less" flowchart to determine the correct Documentation or jump to the appropriate documentation schedule below:

Required Hiring Documentation for Part-Time Faculty

  • CSU-1 Form
  • Transcripts
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Degree and Background Check: Release and Authorization Form
  • Missing Documentation (only include this form if any of the above documentation is missing)

Required Hiring Documentation for Full Time Faculty

  • Three Letters of Recommendation (confidential external)
  • Dean’s Recommendation
  • Chair’s Recommendation
  • Search Committee’s Recommendation
  • Transcripts-official required
  • Degree and Background Check Release and Authorization Form




Substitute Faculty Appointments


Types of Substitution

It is sometimes necessary for departments to temporarily replace faculty who, because of illness or other causes, are unable to meet their assigned instructional duties. Such substitutions are governed in part by Article 20.8 of the Unit 3 (Faculty) Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)PDF File Opens in new window . There are three types of substitutions:


Voluntary Substitution

The CBA at Article 20.8 allows faculty to substitute for colleagues for periods of short duration on a voluntary basis, and this practice is often used when the absence entails only a limited number of classes and involves modest amounts of preparation for the faculty member doing the substituting. The CBA requires prior approval of the department chair for such arrangements.


Substitutes for Short Duration (20 or fewer days)

Because the University currently receives no separate allocation to pay for substitutes, funds for this purpose are normally drawn from part-time faculty blanket funds in the department and college in which the substitute is hired. For substitutions of short duration (the CBA refers to 20 or fewer days), faculty are to be compensated at the hourly rate on the current salary schedule for class code 2356.


Substitutes or Replacements for more than 20 Days

Substitutes for periods in excess of 20 days, the CBA states that compensation is to be in the form of a workload reduction, given as soon as is practicable (e.g., a faculty member who substituted for a colleague for most of the semester in a 3-unit class might be given a 3-unit reduction in workload the following semester). In the event the substitute is not returning, compensation would be required at the time of separation.



If the use of substitutes compensated by workload reduction is not possible, it may be necessary to appoint a replacement faculty member, using the campus procedures for hiring temporary (part-time or full-time) faculty. Compensation will be based on weighted teaching units, using the salary schedule for class code 2358. If such an appointment is contemplated, consult Faculty Affairs and Records regarding procedures for a full-time replacement or the College Dean's office regarding a part-time replacement.


Required Hiring Documentation for Substitute Faculty Appointments


Steps to Appoint a Substitute

  1. The Substitute Faculty Appointment form is to be completed by the department and receives the first 3 signatures (Electronically). The SUBSTITUTE FACULTY ESTIMATED HOURS WORKSHEET (2nd page) must be completed as well. This is an anticipated appointment, until the actual timesheet comes back completed from the faculty (step 5).
  2. Forward the appointment form to Academic Talent Management (ATM) so they can review, sign and date it, electronically. It will be forwarded back to the dept through email.
  3. Department will have the faculty sign the appointment form (last signature).
  4. Once the faculty has completed the actual substitute teaching and the Time Sheet, they will forward this to the department so they can keep a copy for their records.
  5. Department will send original substitute appointment form and original timesheet (from the faculty) to payroll.


Note: Please double check that hours match the worksheet, cost matches calculations, and obtain signatures before it gets to ATM. If you have an outdated form, please go to the updated form without the SSN.




Faculty Additional Employment (FAE)


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