Vision, Mission, and Values


The vision of the Human Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion (HRDI) Division is to empower the CSUF community through excellent and innovative service.



HRDI’s mission is to deliver valuable services to create an environment where a diverse community thrives.


  • People first, contributing to a community of belonging;
  • Inclusion, embracing and welcoming diversity;
  • Integrity, with the aim of honesty and trustworthiness in all interactions;
  • Diligence, with careful and consistent effort;
  • Innovation, introducing original and creative thinking; and
  • Collaboration, creating better solutions together than we could alone



At Cal State Fullerton, we take immense pride in our campus, where every employee is driven by a shared purpose: to transform lives through the power of education. We are committed to fostering an exceptional employee experience where you will be a catalyst for change.


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