HRDI Initiatives



In the next chapter on the mission to create an inclusive, transformational, just, and equitable environment for all members of our Titan community, the 2023-2024 HRDI Priorities will implement initiatives that promote social justice and amplify the voices of all community members. This includes:


1. Campuswide DEI and Social Justice Initiatives 

A. Create a Commission on Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (CEISJ)
B. Develop New Equitable Searches Learning Series 


2. Campus-wide Training and Development

A. Implement the Leadership Excellence and Development Program (LEAD)for Managers
B. Inclusion Champion Certificate Program 2.0- Engagement and Re-engagement 
C. Staff Development Center (SDC) Enhancements


3. Workforce Development

A. Enhance Student Employment programs to increase the value of student employment experiences and to increase the pipeline for future CSU Fullerton employees
B. Revitalizing campus and community engagement – amplify CSUF as the employer of choice in the area
C. Operational efficiency, technological advancement – creating a strong business process to support HR reporting/documentation with streamlined customer service




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HRDI Strategic Plan 2018-2023 - COMPLETED

In 2018 HRDI created its first five year strategic plan. This plan included five goal areas that included a number of more specific objectives. The strategic plan aligned directly with the university’s strategic plan. All goal objectives were successfully completed in 2023. Listed below are just some of the highlights of some of the completed objectives over the five year plan.  



Goal 1                          Goal 2                        Goal 3                       Goal 4                        Goal 5


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