Telecommute Policy


California State University, Fullerton supports Telecommuting when the campus determines that telecommuting is operationally feasible and is in its best interest. Such instances for telecommuting work arrangements may be considered when there are opportunities for improved operational performance, or as part of a disaster recovery or emergency plan. 


Telecommuting is only feasible for those job duties that can be performed away from campus. In that regard, most telecommuting agreements are voluntary and can be implemented only in instances in which a Department’s Appropriate Administrator has determined that the nature of the job duties of a particular position can be performed successfully outside the traditional office setting without an undue impact on the University’s operations and educational mission. 





Telecommuting policies


Please review the telecommute policy that is applicable to your classification below. 







The Telecommute Agreement and Home Safety Checklist Forms are now available on the Adobe Experience Management (AEM) Form Portal. The form applicable to the employee will generate based on the employee's classification and log-in. Before the employee submits their agreement and Home Safety Checklist, they should be discussed with their Appropriate Administrator to ensure the agreement aligns with appropriate duties, dates, hours/work schedule, etc.

After the employee complete and submit their forms via AEM, the form will be routed to their appropriate administrator for approval. HRDI will notify the Appropriate Administrator once the agreement has been signed and approved by all parties.



General Guides and Resources


Use the following guides for basic navigation or more common areas of the AEM Telecommute Agreement Form.