Department Chair Pay

General information regarding the conversion from academic year pay to 12-month pay as a 12-month department chair.


There are two types of pay in the CSU system for faculty:


Academic year pay: faculty who work during the academic year (the school year) are paid for a specific number of days for that period.  For example, academic year pay is based on 172 days per year. (Depending on the academic year the number of days can vary slightly). This pay is split into 12 equal payments throughout the calendar year with the first payment beginning in the September pay period, paid on October 1st of any given academic year. This way academic year faculty receive a paycheck all summer without a gap in pay which gives the ability to maintain benefits all year long.  There is no check issued for the first two week in August as this is included in the total number of days during the academic year. Once the faculty is on a continuous academic year schedule for one year there are not gaps in pay.  Examples in the Academic Year Faculty Pay Schedule include the months of pay that are included for each semester, if only one semester in the academic year is worked as an academic employee and the months covered when the faculty works for the entire academic year.


View Academic Year Faculty Pay schedule on the faculty compensation webpage.


12-month pay: faculty who work as 12-month faculty are paid monthly. They are paid for the number of days that they work in the prior month. (This classification of faculty earns both vacation and sick days, each day must be accounted for by either working, charging vacation/personal day or charging sick days). The term of a 12 month position may be for any number of months or days and it does not have to be for a 12 month period of time.


12 Month Chairs

When converting from and academic year classification to a 12-month classification, if it occurs during the summer months (June or July), the new chair will receive 2 pay checks after the 1st month in the 12month appointment. 

  1. The remaining pay earned during the academic year that would have been paid to you during the summer and
  2. Pay for the 12 month chair appointment for the number of days you were appointed into the position. 

If the 12 month department chair appointment begins on the first day of the academic year (August 17th for example), the new chair will receive 2 checks.

  1. The remaining pay for the academic year for the month of August (Sept 1 check) and,
  2. Approx. ½ month of pay for the 12 month department chair appointment. 


Moving from 12 month Chair to AY

The opposite occurs when moving back to an AY position from a 12-month position. Typically chair appointments end the day before the beginning of the academic year in which the appointment is scheduled to end.  The faculty will only receive pay for the number of days worked in the 12 month appointment during August.  It is suggested that the new chair set aside some of the additional pay received this summer to cover this period when/if the chair returns to an academic year position. 


AY Chair

Academic year chairs will receive their new chair pay in the September pay period received in the October 1st check.   The stipends will be added with no other impact to the salary.