Manager and Supervisor Responsibility for an Injured Employee?

Supervisors and managers should report all employee or volunteer work-related injuries or illnesses to the Office of University Total Wellness within one working day of notice or knowledge. Don't wait until the Employee Injuryform has been completed to report the injury; it's better to call Total Wellness as soon as possible at 657-278-5187. Some injuries require notification to governmental agencies and a delay could put the University at risk.

An Employee Injury formmust be filled out for every injured employee, volunteer, and student assistant. You do not need to report first aid injuries. (see the section on first aid injuries)

Please encourage all employees, including student assistants and volunteers, to report any work-related accidents and/or near miss incidents when they occur. Early reporting assists in identifying campus and safety issues and in determining eligibility for benefits.

If you believe that the employee would pose a risk to himself/herself or to others if he/she drove, tell the employee not to drive. Total Wellness will arrange transportation for the injured/ill employee to the nearest medical provider. An employee who needs medical attention may not be transported by another University employee, supervisor or manager.