Traveling with your Campus Computer, iPad, or Phone

Traveling with you campus computer, iPad or phone can be helpful in communicating.  However, it's the faculty and staff's responsibility to take precautions to prevent loss or theft. CSUF's Information Technology (IT) will not repair or replace this laptop unless the cost of repair or replacement is paid by either the Department or the user.  If the equipment is lost or stolen it must be reported to:

  • Local police.  The report must be sent to IT as soon as available. It must include the serial and property tag number.
  • Campus information security officer.
  • Information Technology-Help Desk (657-278-7777).

Protecting your University Laptop, iPad and Mobile Phone While Traveling

Campus Laptop (Mac or PC) - Before traveling domestically or abroad with your campus laptop (Mac or PC), it is recommend that you stop by the Academic Technology Center in Library PLS-237 to have all the latest patches and security software (Computrace/LoJack) installed.  If the unit is lost/stolen while traveling, these tracking devices can assist you in protecting data and locating the device.

iPad/iPhone - To find your iPad or iPhone: 

  1. Install "find my iPad or iPhone" from iTunes.
  2. To find your iPad/iPhone, go to iCloud  www.icloud.comOpens in new window
  3. Login is using your iTunes account.
  4. Instructions for finding your phone are at in new window

Wipe or Block Your Campus iPad or Cell Phone if Lost or Stolen

If your iPad or iPhone is lost or stolen:

  1. Go to https://campusmail.fullerton.eduOpens in new window and login using your Campus ID and Password.
  2. Once logged in, go to "Options" top right.
  3. Select "See All Options"
  4. Select the lost or stolen device that needs to be wiped.
  5. Hit the Wipe Device button.

Backup Your iPad Before Leaving Home

If you have iTunes on your Mac or PC, keep your iPad backed up by connecting to your computer and do a backup. If you have any questions about this procedure, contact IT Services at X7777.

Print the above information. PDF File Opens in new window