Types of Insurance Coverage

General Liability 

The University has insurance for bodily injuries, personal injuries and property damage for which the University is liable, either as imposed by law or contract. This CSURMA pooled insurance program also provides coverage for employment practices liability (for example, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation), errors and omissions liability and medical malpractice. The University accounts for this premium as a University expense.

Individuals covered include University employees and volunteers. Students enrolled in off-campus learning experiences and in clinical programs may also be covered as long as the students receive academic credit and the allegations arise from actions taken within the course and scope of the learning activity.

Master Property 

This insurance provides coverage for "all risks," subject to sub-limit's and exclusions, for the following perils: flood, business interruption, landscaping, demolition and increased cost of construction, accidental contamination, and bridges, tunnels and streets. This insurance does not provide earthquake coverage.

Auto Liability 

The State's Motor Vehicle Insurance Account, to which the University pays an annual premium, provides liability coverage to employees driving University vehicles on University business. When an employee drives their personal vehicle on University business, that employee's personal automobile liability insurance provides the primary liability coverage, with the State's Motor Vehicle Insurance providing excess coverage. Either an employee's personal automobile liability insurance or insurance purchased/provided by a rental car company provide the primary coverage for employees who drive rented vehicles on University business.

Athletic Injury Medical Expense

Students participating in intercollegiate athletics, whether as a team member or as a prospective team member, are eligible to receive limited coverage for medical expenses related to injuries sustained while participating in regularly scheduled intercollegiate sports events and other supervised or customary activities. This self-funded insurance also provides limited coverage for travel accidents and for accidental death or dismemberment. This insurance is in excess of any other valid and collectible insurance.

Personal Property 

Departments can purchase insurance to cover losses or damages to musical instruments, fine art, personal computers, laptops, camera and video equipment, and other miscellaneous property and equipment. Students renting equipment for course projects can also purchase coverage.

The University does not require the purchase of insurance for University property. However, some departments or units may want to insure specific pieces of equipment that have a high value and a high risk of loss, would be difficult to replace or would be difficult to fund the replacement. In addition, property insurance is usually required for equipment rented or loaned to the University.

This insurance offered through CSURMA insures against all risks of direct physical loss or damage, except perils specifically excluded, which include mechanical failure, fraud, rust, corrosion, repairs, normal wear and tear, war, flood, earthquake, unexplained loss or mysterious disappearance. Certified and non-certified acts of terrorism are covered.

Please contact Risk Management at extension 4937 if you are interested in purchasing this insurance. The costs are minimal.

Student Travel 

CSURMA's Student Travel Accident Insurance covers any student enrolled at the University, including students enrolled through Extended Education, injured while traveling to or from, or participating in, an off campus, school sponsored activity. School sponsored activities are limited to activities occurring off campus that are part of a course requirement, sponsored by a University auxiliary or sponsored by a recognized student organization/club. Student-athletes traveling to and from intercollegiate athletic events held off campus are also covered.

This insurance provides limited coverage medical expenses for each student. This coverage is in excess of any other valid and collectible insurance.

Student Professional Liability 

Many students have the opportunity for internships and other practical experiences in conjunction with their studies at the University. However, CSU Trustee policy prohibits the University from assuming liabilities based on student actions or defending students for claims arising from their actions. Students are only covered under the University's general/professional liability coverage when they are acting under the University's supervision, direction and control AND performing services for or on behalf of the University. In these situations, students should be designated as a University volunteers.

Students participating in the University's nursing, teaching, counseling and athletic training programs are in almost every instance NOT covered under the University's general/professional liability coverage because they are not acting under the University's supervision, direction and control or performing services for or on behalf of the University. For this reason, students involved in nursing, training, counseling and teaching programs should purchase individual general/professional liability coverage.

Students or departments who have questions about coverage or where to purchase liability coverage should contact the Risk Management at extension 7346.

Foreign Travel Liability

For information on Foreign Travel Insurance, please go to the Foreign Travel Section.

Special Event & Vendor Liability

This insurance offered through CSURMA provides optional liability coverage for events held on-campus by an organization or individual permitted to use the campus. For example, students organizing the PASA Friendship Games have purchased this insurance. Liability coverage is also available for events held or sponsored by the University, such as Commencement and the CSUF Special Games.

CSU Student Health

Students may purchase through CSU Healthlink (www.csuhealthlink.comOpens in new window ) domestic health insurance, international health insurance, dental insurance and vision insurance. The University pays no premium for its students to participate in this program offered through CSURMA.

Participant Accident

This insurance provides coverage for participants in University sponsored activities such as sports camps, camping, skiing, white water rafting, fundraisers and one-time special events. This insurance is available on a per activity basis, and its cost varies depending on the coverage's and deductibles selected.

Student Orientation Liability

This program is offered through CSURMA. Student organizations seeking to rent a venue for a dance or a cultural production, as well as students seeking to use a venue for an academic project such as a film shoot, often need to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance. Because the University’s General Liability insurance does not cover student organizations and because CSURMA’s Special Event Insurance is not available for non-University sponsored events held off campus, obtaining liability insurance has been very difficult. This insurance is available only to recognized student organizations.

Fine Arts 

The University maintains insurance with Atlantic Mutual to insure its fine arts exposures created through exhibits housed in the Main Art Gallery, the Exit Gallery and the Grand Central Arts Center. The University has had two significant claims in the last two years. Actions taken to mitigate future losses include increasing written and video documentation of the condition of art work received and revising transportation procedures.

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