Events and Activities (On Campus and Off Campus)

Request to Film on Campus

The University regularly receives requests from film companies, independent movie producers and film students to film on campus. Individuals or companies that would like to film in the Sports Complex (Titan Soccer Stadium, Goodwin Baseball Field, Titan Softball Stadium, Titan Gymnasium, and various athletic fields) must contact Mike Uraine (657)278-3243. All other requests should go to John Beisner at (657)278-4937.

Those individuals or entities that choose to film at the University are required to meet all of the CSU insurance requirements.

The University Event Coordinator is required to fill out a State Fire Marshal Event ApplicationPDF File Opens in new window . Coordinate State Fire Marshal approval with Environmental Health and Safety at x7233.

The University does not accept all requests that meet CSU requirements. All requests are reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Impact of the filming on the campus instructional program and other operations or events.
  • Availability of space, resources, and staffing liaison, including a unit or department which might have an interest in facilitating the event.
  • Benefit of the activity to the university, including academic benefit and/or maximum probable monetary benefit.
  • Propriety and consistency with the image and dignity of the university

Request to Land a Helicopter on Campus

Because it will be necessary on occasion to land helicopters on campus to respond to emergencies or to facilitate other events, the University has established the following guidelines:

  1. In an emergency, either the Vice President for Administration and Finance/CFO or the Chief of University Police has the authority to approve helicopter landings and departures.In non-emergencies:
    • The Vice President for Administration and Finance/CFO has the authority to approve helicopter landings and departures. In considering a request, the Vice President may consult with the Chief of University Police and/or the Director of University Risk Management to review the proposed arrangements and make recommendations to the Vice President.
    • The helicopter owner or non-University event sponsor must agree in writing that it assumes all liability and will pay for any property damage arising from the helicopter landing or departure.
    • The organization owning the helicopter or the non-University event sponsor must complete a facility use agreement and provide among other things a certificate of general liability insurance with a combined single limit of at least $2,000,000 and a general aggregate of at least $5,000,000 unless an assessment of risks determines that less insurance is acceptable. The State of California, the Trustees of the California State University, California State University, Fullerton and their respective employees, officers, agents and volunteers must be listed as Additionally Insured.
  1. The designated helicopter landing site for the University is the athletic field north of the gymnasium.
  2. The helicopter owner and/or non-University event sponsor must provide sufficient ground support to ensure a safe landing and departure.
  3. The helicopter must coordinate its flight path with the Fullerton Municipal Airport and enter and leave campus airspace away from the main buildings.
  4. The Chief of University Police will utilize sufficient staffing and equipment to assist in the landing and departure.
  5. The helicopter owner and/or non-University event sponsor are responsible for taking steps to keep the helicopter and landing site safe all times the helicopter is on campus.