Radiation Incidents

  1. Any emergency involving a radiation incident (spill, injury, contamination), must be reported immediately to the Radiation Safety Officer ext. 7233. If after normal business hours notify University Police by calling 911.
  2. When reporting, be very specific about the nature of the involved material, the people exposed, and the campus location. Give a contact name and a phone number where you may be reached.
  3. Take any steps necessary to protect human life (without severely endangering your own). Your priorities should be: Decontamination of facilities and personnel will be directed by the Radiation Safety Officer and/or other qualified personnel. Further information regarding medical treatment of individuals and decontamination techniques are available in the Radiation Safety manual.
    • Safety of injured: Remove any injured from area with as little personal contact and spread of contamination as possible. Before transporting injured to hospital, decontaminate under direction of Radiation Safety Officer or other qualified individual. Provide emergency response personnel with as much information as possible regarding the radiation hazards.
    • Disaster Management: In all disasters involving unsealed sources of radiation, use procedures detailed in other sections of this chart, but treat all equipment and yourself as contaminated after you are finished.
    • Contamination control: Vacate the immediate area and, if possible, isolate injured and/or contaminated individuals to a secure area. Prohibit them from eating, smoking, drinking, or physical contact with others. Do not leave the area, or allow anyone to re-enter the contaminated area until instructed to do so by campus safety personnel.