Things you need to know before a fire :

  • Location of fire alarms and fire extinguishers. Familiarize yourself with the locations of all the nearest fire extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations. Learn to use the extinguishers. At home, use smoke detectors on each floor to alert you and your family to a fire.
  • Chemical safety. Follow procedures established for safe handling and storage of flammable liquids and gases. Read the warning instructions on the containers before using.

During a fire:

  • Remain calm. Activate the nearest fire alarm; it will automatically alert University Police. Close, but do not lock, the doors in your work area.
  • Personal Safety. Your life is more important than the property. If you cannot control the fire with a fire extinguisher, abandon your efforts and leave the area.
  • Evacuation. Turn off all equipment, take your personal belongings and proceed to the nearest exit. Before exiting a door, check the handle and door for heat. Remember, heat and smoke rise, so the best air is closest to the floor. In a smoke filled room, crawl to the exit.
  • Large-scale fires. Cal State Fullerton will never experience a wild land fire, but could encounter several buildings on fire at once. After evacuating, move far away from all structures.

If your neighborhood is involved in such a fire, gather your favorite mementos, important papers, pictures of all your property, and your pets and follow evacuation procedures given by your county or city.

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