Civil Disturbance or Demonstration

Most campus demonstrations are peaceful and everyone should attempt to carry on business as normally as possible. Avoid provoking or obstructing the demonstrators.

Supervisors should evaluate the situations and either try to calm the disturbance, or call University Police. To avoid causing further trouble, make the call from a private area.

A threatening disturbance should be reported immediately to University Police by land line, cell phone, or use a blue emergency phone. The following action should also be taken:

  • Alert all employees in the area to the situation.
  • Lock all doors, secure all files, documents, and equipment.
  • If necessary, cease operations and evacuate all personnel.
  • Instruct all employees to contact University Police for further instructions if evacuated.

University Police and the administration will assess the situation. Participants who refuse to leave may be arrested for a violation of the State Penal Code. If a class or lecture is disrupted, the offending person(s) should be requested to leave. If they refuse, call University Police.

Reviewed 4-2012 tw