Bomb Threats

  1. If you observe a suspicious object or potential bomb on campus, Do Not Touch The Object. Clear the area and immediately call University Police. Refer to steps 7 through 13 below for further instructions.

  2. Any person receiving a phone call that a bomb or other explosive device has been placed on campus is to ask the caller:

    1. When is the bomb going to explode?
    2. Where is the bomb located?
    3. What kind of bomb is it?
    4. What does it look like?
    5. Why did you place the bomb?
  3. Keep talking to the caller as long as possible and record the following:Immediately notify University Police and supply them with information outlined above.

    1. Time of call
    2. Age and sex of caller
    3. Speech pattern, accent
    4. Emotional state
    5. Background noises
  4. Immediately Notify University Police with the above information.

  5. If the bomb threat is received by mail, do not further handle the letter, envelope or package. Report to your supervisor, and call University Police.

  6. University Police will coordinate a detailed bomb search. Employees may be requested to make a cursor inspection of their area for suspicious objects and to report the location to University Police. Do Not Touch The Object.

  7. If an evacuation is warranted, University Police will activate the building alarm.

  8. Evacuate the building by quickly walking to the nearest exit and calmly direct others to do the same. Leave all elevators for use by the disabled and assist them as necessary.

  9. Building marshals will assist in evacuation of all building occupants.

  10. Once outside, move to a clear area at least 150 feet away from the affected building. Keep walkways clear for emergency vehicles.

  11. To the best of your ability, and without reentering the building, assist University Police in their attempt to determine that everyone has evacuated safely.

  12. A University Police emergency Command Post will be set up near the emergency site. Keep clear of the command post unless you have important information to report.

  13. Do not return to a building until University Police tell you to do so even if the alarm has ceased.

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