Using Rental Cars on University Business

University employees who plan to rent a car while traveling internationally on University business, or who need to rent a truck or a 12-15 passenger van on University business, should contact the Office of Risk Management at extension 7346 before traveling. 

Rent a car/truck from Enterprise while traveling within the United States on University business.  For more information on policies, procedures and contract numbers concerning rental vehicles, refer to the Travel Operations website.

If a University employee chooses not to use the option above to rent a car while traveling on University business, that individual's personal automobile liability insurance will be primary. 

The insurance provided by the option above is void if, among other things, an employee drives while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or operates outside of their normal course and scope of work, or a non-authorized driver operates the rental vehicle. 

For additional information concerning insurance for rental vehicles, please contact the Office of Risk Management (extension 7346).