Administration of the University's Driving Program

The Office of Risk Management is responsible for coordinating/overseeing the University's compliance with the CSU's Use of University and Private Vehicle Guidelines. Risk Management will work with University Police, Environment Health & Instructional Safety, Travel Operations and Physical Plant to meet this objective.

Each department assigned a University vehicle will designate an individual to the Office of University Risk Management who is responsible for ensuring that only authorized University employees drive the vehicle(s) and reminding drivers that the vehicle(s) may only be used to conduct University business. The designated individual is also responsible for ensuring that all accidents and allegations of misuse are promptly reported to the University's Office of Risk Management using the required forms.

Physical plant will ensure that University vehicles are safely maintained, all required logs are maintained and verified, all University vehicles contain "reminder stickers" concerning seat belt use, non-smoking policies and logs, and that copies of the University's driving guidelines, information concerning the appropriate gasoline and grade of oil, and an Accident Identification Card (STD 269) are maintained in the vehicle's glove compartment.

The Director of University Risk Management will annually notify the campus community concerning safety and seat belt requirements, reporting requirements for accidents, use restrictions, and other relevant laws, policies and procedures. The Office of University Risk Management will also report any misuse to the Chancellor's Office as required by CSU guidelines. Recovery of the cost of misuse is not to be considered a disciplinary action.