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Portrait of Sharrica Miller


Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Award 


This year’s recipient was  Sharrica Miller , assistant professor of nursing, whose leadership helped establish the first annual Diversity and Inclusion Symposium within the School of Nursing. The symposium introduced important topics surrounding diversity to the campus, such as ethnicity, religion, sexuality and gender expression, providing an opportunity for the campus to recruit and retain a more diverse student population.


Sharrica Miller, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing 




team colaboration award


Teamwork and Collaboration Award


Tuffy’s Basic Needs

This year’s winners were members of the Tuffy’s Basic Needs team:   Carmen Curiel, associate dean of students;   Marlene Romero, care services coordinator; and student assistant   Nick Jakel. This team was instrumental to the success of the Tuffy’s Basic Needs Center in its first year of operation, providing more than 2,000 visitors with food assistance, temporary emergency housing, financial support and the distribution of clothing and hygiene products.


 Carmen Curiel , Associate Dean of Students (left) Student Affairs, Dean of Students Office   |    Marlene Romero , SSP III (center) Student Affairs, Dean of Students Office   |    Nick Jakel , Helper-Aid (right) Student Affairs, Dean of Students Office



Portrait of Eileen Walsh



Leadership Award


 Eileen Walsh , chair and associate professor of sociology, was this year’s Leadership Award winner. Walsh was nominated not only for serving as an extraordinary role model to staff and colleagues, but for her leadership in guiding faculty and staff members to contribute to the further growth of the college and its students. She is described as a supportive mentor and collaborative leader with a clear vision for the department that aligns decisions with the students’ best interests.


Eileen Walsh, Department Chair, Sociology




2018 Winners




DEI Award Winners



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award


African American Civic Engagement: 1860s and 100 Years Later Among CSUF Titan Alumni”

Curators of an exhibit highlighting the achievements of African American alumni who attended Cal State Fullerton in the 1960s-70s garnered the university's annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award.


Stan Breckenridge, Retired lecturer of African American Studies  |  Siobhan Brooks, Department Chair and Associate Professor of African American Studies  |   Alina Mircea-Trotz, Senior Director of Development



Leadership award winner



Leadership Award


In recognition of her efforts to motivate and lead the people she works with, creating and sharing a strategic vision of the future and myriad other responsibilities and tasks that exemplify a leader, Tagle was honored as the Leadership Award.


Paulina Tagle, Director of Grants & Contracts, Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, Academic Affairs




teamwork award





“Campus Speaker Working Group”

The campus speaker working group was awarded the teamwork and collaboration award because of the team's efforts in ensuring campus safety and understandinga when a CSUF student group invited a controversial speaker to campus.


Keya Allen, Associate Executive Director of Associate Students Inc., Associated Students Incorporated  |  Jeffrey D. Cook, former Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications, University Advancement    |    Michael Coughlin, Risk Manager, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion    |    Michael Delo, Interim Parking Field Manager, Parking and Transportation, Auxiliary Services Corporation    |    Jeff Fehrn, Associate Director of the Titan Student Union, Associated Students Incorporated    |    Carl Jones,   Operations Captain of the University Police Department, Auxiliary Services Corporation    |    Tonantzin Oseguera, Associate Vice President of Student Engagement, Student Affairs    |    Monique Shay, former       University       Counsel, Office of the President    |    Vincent Vigil, Interim Director of the Diversity Initiatives & Resource Center, Student Affairs    |    Scot Willey, Operations Captain of the University Police Department, Auxiliary Services Corporation    |    John Beisner, Executive Director of Risk Management, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion