Titan Excellence Nominations Committee

The Titan Excellence nominations committee is made up of faculty, staff and administrators across campus. The committee is charged with reviewing and scoring each individual nomination. The top three scored nominations will be selected as the Titan Excellence Winners.


Tara Garcia, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion

Chris Liu, Academic Affairs     

Denelle Pankratz, Academic Affairs

Sergio Lizarraga, College of the Arts

Patricia Perez, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Larry Martin, Student Affairs

Laura Hooks, Student Affairs                                 

Tony Feng, Administration & Finance

Madison Grater, Administration & Finance

Bertha Leon, Administration & Finance

Arlene Scoles, University Advancement

Chi Chung Keung, University Advancement                                        

Afsaneh Hamedani, Information Technology

Jairo Bojorquez, Information Technology

Julie Virjee, Office of the President                            

Leanne Chen, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion

Cecil Chik, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion