Titan Excellence Awards Nominations Committee

The Titan Excellence Awards nominations committee is made up of faculty, staff and administrators across campus. The committee is charged with reviewing and scoring each individual Titan Excellence Award nomination. The top three scored nominations will be selected as the winners and will be announced at the annual University Awards Program.


Binod Tiwari, Academic Affairs     

Nina Garcia, Academic Affairs     

Matt Englar-Carlson, Academic Affairs     

Sergio Lizarraga, Academic Affairs     

Steven Chen, Academic Affairs     

Janna Kim, Academic Affairs     

Rochelle Woods, Student Affairs

Laura Hooks, Student Affairs

Joshua De La Torre, Administration & Finance

Evajoy Tito, Administration & Finance

Bertha Leon, Administration & Finance (ASC)

Jennifer Vu, University Advancement

Grace Johnson, University Advancement        

Matt Badal, Information Technology

Gabby Burns, Information Technology

Julie Virjee, Office of the President    

Jaime Yarnell, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion

Anne Grogan, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion