Direct Deposit

The direct deposit system provides automatic deposit of all net earnings into the financial institution designated by the participant. It is important that employees verify the routing and account numbers with their financial institution.


Eligibility Requirements

There are no eligibility requirements to enroll in direct deposit. All active state employees are eligible for direct deposit.


Signing Up for Direct Deposit

Employees who wish to enroll in the program must complete form STD. 699, Direct Deposit Authorization Form. This form can be completed electronically by clicking on the button below:

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Adobe Sign Direct Deposit InstructionsPDF File Opens in new window


Employees may also visit the Payroll Services office located in College Park CP 700 to complete the form in person.


Cancelling Your Direct Deposit Account

Please call Payroll Services at (657) 278-2521 or email to cancel your current direct deposit account.


Direct Deposit Salary Posting Dates

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What happens next?

Once the Direct Deposit Authorization form is completed, the form will be submitted to Payroll services for completion of section E. Payroll Services will submit the original to the State Controllers office. Direct Deposit enrollment takes up to 45 days to take into effect. During the enrollment transition time, employees will receive a paper warrant until direct deposit enrollment takes effect.


How will I know if the State has sent my pay warrant to my financial institution?

You will receive a Direct Deposit Advice (DDA) from your department. The notice will be distributed with the main payroll on payday or may be picked up at College Park CP 300.


What happens if a pay warrant is rejected by my financial institution because of a problem with the account?

If a pay warrant is rejected by your financial institution because of an invalid account number, the State Controllers office will notify your Payroll office, take you off the Direct Deposit program, and issue a paper warrant.


What happens if I work for another State agency and have enrolled on direct deposit already?

If you work for another State agency and have enrolled in direct deposit, you will not need to reenroll. Your direct deposit will be the same unless any changes are made with either agency.