Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are coordinated with Retirement Deductions

CalPERS is coordinated with Social Security which means that you are eligible for benefits from the retirement system as well as Social Security benefits (some exclusions may apply to Unit 8 employees). The Medicare tax is mandatory whether or not you contribute to Social Security.

  • Social Security and Medicare taxes are withheld from your pay.
  • Contributions enable you to qualify for Medicare benefits upon attainment of age 65.
  • Active employees who reach the age of 65 can enroll in the Premium Free Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) but should defer enrollment in Medicare Part B.
  • As a CalPERS retiree, you must sign up for Medicare Part B. You may be asked by the Social Security Administration to have a Request for Employment InformationPDF File Opens in new window form completed. Please contact Human Resources for assistance completing this form.
  • Do not enroll in Medicare Part D because the CalPERS prescription drug plan is as good as or better than what is available under Medicare Part D. If you enroll in Medicare Part D, your CalPERS health plan will be canceled until you are dis-enrolled.
  • Visit the Social SecurityOpens in new window and MedicareOpens in new window websites to learn more about these benefits. You may also use the Retirement EstimatorOpens in new window to calculate your social security benefits.

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