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Perks at work is a free savings program available to Cal State Fullerton employees and their families. Enjoy access to thousands of deals online in one centralized hub. CSUF Perks at Work offers savings on entertainment, travel, electronics, home, apparel, fitness and everyday items.  


  1. Visit   www.perksatwork.com
  2. Select "Register for Free" at the bottom right-hand corner of the page
  3. Create an account with your work email address (note that your password does not have to match your CSUF work password)
  4. Start Saving – use CSUF Perks at Work to shop online like any other online shopping experience


Update Your Email Preferences

  1. Login to account
  2. Click the top right profile icon
  3. Click account settings
  4. Click email settings
  5. Update your email preferences




WOWPoints are loyalty points that you can earn and redeem when you shop throughCal State University Fullerton Perks At Work. Redeem the WOWPoints you earn from shopping at a wide variety of shops on our platform for whatever it is you love: Travel, Electronics, Apparel, Movies, Gifts and more! Earning 10x WOWPoints is like getting 10% back on your purchase. Plus, if you're a 5 STAR user, you earn WOWPoints when you redeem!

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Yes! Once you have registered your account, you can invite up to 5 friends and family members to join the program.
To invite friends and family to the program, click on the invites button in the navbar.

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Troubleshoot/ Issue

What if I have questions or need to troubleshoot an issue?

Our customer support team can be reached through the help center on Perks at Work:

Or, feel free to email the support team at   support@nextjump.com 

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How do I shop on the site?

Perks at Work is similar to Amazon’s online marketplace –you can browse through dozens of categories and complete your purchase through the program. The majority of merchants are integrated onto the site through ONECart. With these merchants, you can complete your purchase without leaving the site. There are a handful of merchants, however, where you will be re-directed to the their site to continue your shopping experience -discounts and WOWPointsare tracked and automatically applied. Your points will automatically post to your account 5-10 business days after the purchase. For travel, points will post within 21 days upon completion of your travel.

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How do I use WOW Points?

On the offer landing page, you will have the option to use your WOWPoints. You can then specify the number of WOWPointsyou would like to use.

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For ONECartmerchants, you will be able to select the number of WOWPointsyou would like to use when you start the checkout process. Drag the ticker to specify the amount you would like to use.

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CSUF Exclusive Offers 

Where can I find offers exclusive to Cal State University Fullerton Perks At Work?

Click the Exclusivestile on the homepage of the site for select corporate discounts offered specifically to employees of Cal State University Fullerton Perks At Work.

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Nominate a Merchant

How do I nominate a merchant?

After logging in, access the exclusives tile and click the “Nominate a Merchant” button. You will be prompted to fill out a form on the merchant. Please be sure to provide a valid merchant email address, as the program will contact the merchant via email.

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