Cub Scout Webelos Learn CPR at CSUF

Cub Scouts Learn CPR & First Aid at CSUF

Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion hosted a troop of Webelos Scouts and parents on June 18th as part of CSUF's community outreach. The scouts are working on their Readyman Activity Badge, learning to be prepared in an emergency.

Webelos is a 20 month program for 4th and 5th graders making the transition from Cub to Boy Scouts. A significant part of the Webelos program is focused on encouraging responsibility, decision-making and maturity. Knowing how to respond in an emergency is a vital part of the transition from dependency to self-sufficiency and being able to help others.

For Cari Elofson, the trainer from HRDI Professional & Organization Development, the class is a fun community outreach event. "I know the sight of this group was surprising to our staff, so thank you for having fun with us. This was the second group of Webelos I've taught and I continue to have a great time!"

The training class covers CPR, complete with a rescue dummy on which to practice their technique, and emergency first aid. When it came to bandaging, the scouts took turns on each other instead of practice dummies, much to their delight.

"Thank you again for hosting an awesome class for our Cub Scouts!!!! Everyone had a great time and they were all talking about it later!!!" – Ron Johnston, Scout Leader, EA - SAP Risk Manager.

Cari Elofson of HRDI instructs Cub Scout Webelos in First Aid at CSUF
Cub Scout Webelos Learn First Aid at CSUF