CSUF VP Lori Gentles Speaks at HR Conference

Lori Gentles, VP of Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, gave two presentations as an invited speaker at the 2014 CUPA-HR Western Region Conference on April 28th. The Association for Human Resources Professionals in Higher Education (CUPA-HR) provides leadership in colleges and universities on workplace issues:

  • Monitoring trends
  • Exploring emerging issues
  • Conducting research
  • Promoting strategic discussions

CUPA is a national organization for College and University Professionals in Human Resources. CUPA-HR members include more than 17,000 HR professionals and campus leaders at over 1,900 member organizations.

HR as Cultural Architects
This presentation explored the evolution of Human Resources and its transition from a transactional to transformational entity. The presentation identifies ways HR can provide high-quality, high-value services to faculty and staff, be instrumental in shifting the culture in preparation to meet future workforce needs, and thrive in a highly competitive contest to recruit and retain the best talent.

The Face of the New Workforce is a "T"
This presentation examined methods by which effective leaders find creative ways to meet customers' increasing demands as staff resources are decreasing. Leaders need to maximize capacity by leveraging hidden talents of existing staff. One approach - the "T" model - is to transform specialists with deep vertical knowledge by training them in skill sets needed to also be generalists with horizontal capabilities.