Employee Records

HRDI respects the need for protecting each employee's privacy

Human Resource Services respects the need for protecting each employee's privacy by enforcing secure information handling procedures on the part of all personnel required to work with employee records.  One official personnel file is maintained for each employee. Human Resource Services maintains the official personnel file for each staff member and Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employee.

Faculty personnel files (Personnel Action Files--PAFs) are maintained by the Faculty Affairs & Records OfficeOpens in new window .  Faculty Affairs is located in Library PLS-260A and can be contacted by calling 657-278-2125 or emailing far@fullerton.edu.

What is a Personnel File?

Contents of staff and management personnel files normally include, but are not limited to:

Position History

  • Application for employment/resume
  • Appointment letter
  • Position description


  • Performance evaluations
  • Memorandum and letters of praise, counseling, or reprimand


  • Higher education degree
  • License/certification
  • Notices of completed training

How do I request an appointment to review my personnel file?

The contents of an employee's official personnel file shall be open to the employee's review and review by a union representative and/or steward, when authorized in writing by the employee. Use the Personnel File Access Request Form Opens in new window to request access to your file. If you are unable to access this form, contact Human Resources at (657)278-2425. You will be contacted within three working days of receipt of the completed Personnel File Access Request For to schedule an appointment to review your file.

How do I obtain copies of my records?

The employee shall bear the cost of duplicating such materials, except when such materials have bearing on disciplinary action or pre-disciplinary matters, including corrective action matters. Please refer to the applicable collective bargaining agreement's grievance or complaint articles for details.

The cost of duplicating material shall be the amount provided in Civil Code Section 1798.33, or any substitute or successor provision of that code section (as of April 2006, the amount is $0.10 per page).

To request photocopies of documents within your official personnel file, please complete the Personnel File Access Request FormOpens in new window to specify the copy(ies) requested. Within a timely manner, usually within ten business days of receipt of the employee's written request, the employee shall be provided an exact copy of all or any portion of materials officially maintained in the staff personnel file, as requested.

CSU Records Retention and Disposition Schedules