Faculty Leave of Absence Programs

California State University Fullerton believes in supporting its eligible employees in achieving a work-life balance through various Leave of Absence Programs. Leaves of absence are available for the purposes of unpaid sick leave, outside employment, parental leave, family care leaves or other purposes. 

If you are a faculty member or an academic student employee and you need to take a leave of absence and have additional questions, please contact Griselda G. Marquez in Academic Human Resources at 657-278-5187 or at grgmarquez@fullerton.edu

If you are a staff member or manager and you need additional information on available leaves of absence programs, please contact Angelica Perez in Benefits at 657-278-5311 or at anperez@fullerton.edu

Employees should first read "How to Request a Leave of Absence" in addition to the information in their collective bargaining agreement, then review the information provided in the appropriate links below

Staff/Management Leaves