Foreign Faculty Appointments

Foreign Faculty Appointment Information

Welcome to California State University, Fullerton! The Risk Management Department within the Division of Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion handles immigration matters for foreign faculty and staff at CSUF. We are your resource on matters related to employment visas. Please note that our office cannot provide legal advice on immigration-related matters. We act as advocates for our institution and our employees, liaising with the professional field and government agencies to achieve the best possible results for our faculty and staff. We hope that you will find that the information on this page answers most of your questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Shannon Ledoux in Risk Management at or (657) 278-2255.


If you are interested in obtaining or renewing employment authorization for a position at CSUF, please consult with Shannon Ledoux in Risk Management. The process to obtain an employment-based visa can take a significant amount of time, eight (8) months is standard for an H-1B petition, as it involves working with government agencies. Therefore, it is recommended that any employment-based immigration process is started at minimum, seven (7) to eight (8) months prior to the employment start date.


CSUF is not obligated to process any particular visa application for a given foreign faculty appointment. Final approval rests with the Vice President of the Division of Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion (HRDI). Only the Vice President of Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion (HRDI) may approve visa applications for faculty and staff members.


Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence