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This web page contains helpful information regarding position changes that occur primarily before a position is posted for recruitment or after a staff member or manager has been hired into a position. These position changes include:

  • Changes in duties and responsibilities that result in revised position descriptions
  • Temporary and on-going reassignments
  • Management and staff compensation changes


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NOTE: This page does not provide information for faculty (unit 3)Opens in new window positions or student worker/assistantOpens in new window positions. We are here to help. Please feel free to contact us either by calling (657) 278-2425 or by email.


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Helpful Information for Employees Preparing for a Classification Review

The Difference Between Classification Review and In-Range Progression

Classification is a process by which jobs of a common nature with similar duties and responsibilities are grouped together for the purposes of assignment to an appropriate pay range. The position description is the foundation of the classification process because it is the primary tool used to accurately define and describe the current duties and responsibilities of a position. Classification is based upon the objective elements of a position which include such elements as the nature, scope, and level of duties and responsibilities; the relationship of the position to other positions in the department, campus or CSU system; supervision given/received; and exercise of independent judgment. Since position classification focuses on the specific duties and responsibilities of each position, the quality of performance, the quantity of work, the status of an employee, or information relative to the employee’s length of service or current salary are not considered in the classification process. In the event a position is reviewed and it is determined the current duties are not appropriate to the current classification the position will be reclassified to the appropriate classification within the Class Standards.

An In-Range Progression is a permanent salary increase to a staff member’s base salary. Such an increase is campus funded from departmental budgets and is made within the existing salary range established for the classification, or within the skill level sub-range for classifications with skill levels. Certain criteria must be met in order for an In-Range Progression to be approved. Please see the In-Range Progression procedures and form for the criteria.

An important difference between a Reclassification and an In-Range Progression is that in a reclassification the employee’s current classification will be reclassified to an appropriate classification. There is no classification change when an In-Range Progression is approved.

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