Conflict of Interest Policy and Reporting

CSU follows a strict Conflict of Interest Code

The Political Reform Act of 1974 contains a general prohibition against conflicts of interest and provisions for the adoption of a Conflict of Interest (COI) Code by the California State University (CSU).

Positions that make or participate in the making of decisions which may have a foreseeable material effect on financial interests are designated under the Conflict of Interest Code and are subject to filing a Statement of Economic Interests Form 700. Positions are designated if responsibilities include making, participating in or influencing decisions regarding:

  • The physical Master Plan of the University
  • The total enrollment of the University
  • The license, lease, purchase or sale of real property of/for the University
  • The purchase of supplies, materials, commodities, machinery, equipment, services or work for the University, school, department or area
  • The entering into/amending construction/service contracts in connection with construction contracts for the University


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Conflict of Interest Handbook

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