Special Consultant Pay Request Application

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Special Consultant Additional Pay is processed for faculty, MPPs or exempt staff paid to perform faculty or grant work of a temporary nature, based on a particular knowledge, ability, or expertise; and is in addition to a primary appointment already in place. The work must be in compliance with CSU additional employment guidelines and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be of a significantly different nature from an individual’s normal or primary work assignment,
  • Funded from non-general fund sources,
  • Occur during a non-work period,
  • The result of accrual of part-time employment.

This application has four components: set up pay commitments, select recipients, schedule work, and approve completed work to initiate pay. Data collection and verification, pay calculations, checks and balances, notifications, and workflow. Additional features, such as reports and delegates will be coming shortly.

For assistance, please contact the Special Consultant Pay Request team via email at scpr@fullerton.edu or by phone 657-278-2616.