University Volunteers

Recognizing the contribution volunteers make to the volunteersachievement of the University’s Mission & Goals, individuals may serve as University volunteers in accordance with the following instructions. For more information, call the Risk Management Office at 657-278-8673 or download a copy of the Volunteers Brochure.PDF File Opens in new window

CSUF Volunteer Guidelines

Managers responsible for designating individuals as volunteers should follow these instructions. Volunteers must fill out a Volunteer FormPDF File Opens in new window  prior to beginning service.  If you have any questions concerning who may be appointed as a volunteer or how to appoint a volunteer, please contact the University Risk Manager at extension 8673.

  1. Division Heads or their official designees have the authority to designate and appoint individuals as University volunteers.
  2. “University volunteers” are individuals who, without compensation of any kind or expectation of compensation beyond expense reimbursement, perform work or provide services at the direction of or on behalf of the University. Typical volunteer activities include serving on a governing board overseeing a University support group; teaching or assisting in other academic functions; assisting in fund raising, political advocacy or other administrative functions; working in the Health Center; or assisting with campus events or activities.
  3. Individuals are not typically considered University volunteers if they have not been properly registered as a volunteer; serve as guest lecturer, “Professor for a Day” or other similar role; serve as an adjunct professor without teaching or research responsibilities, participate in an athletic event; participate in community service programs sponsored by the University; participate in an activity or serve on a committee sponsored by a University support group; or volunteer to avoid a civil or criminal fine or penalty.
  4. Any individual volunteering for the University must complete and have approved a Volunteer FormPDF File Opens in new window prior to beginning their service.
  5. Individuals who are physically, mentally and professionally capable of performing the services involved may serve as University volunteers regardless of their age. Minors must have parental consent to serve as University volunteers. The   CSUF Volunteer Release Form for MinorsPDF File Opens in new window must be submitted with the Volunteer Form.
  6. Individuals may not serve as University volunteers if they:
    • Have been charged with, plead guilty to, or been convicted of crimes determined by the University to pose a threat to the campus community; or
    • Make a false statement or omit a statement as to any material fact on the Volunteer Form.
  7. University volunteers:
    • Are eligible to receive Workers' Compensation and liability coverage benefits. University volunteers do not receive retirement or health benefits
    • May not enter into any agreements or commit resources on behalf of the University.
    • May drive a vehicle on University business as long as they comply with all applicable requirements and driving is within their assigned duties.
    • May be reimbursed for expenses in accordance with University procedures.
    • Must possess any required license or certificate, and have completed any background check, fingerprinting or other process that may be required as determined by the University President.
  8. Prior to beginning their service, University volunteers should review the University's Harassment PolicyPDF File Opens in new window , procedures for reporting injuries or illnesses, travel expense reimbursement proceduresOpens in new window and any applicable safety guidelines.
  9. Departments should retain the original, signed University Volunteer FormPDF File Opens in new window for a period of three years after the conclusion of the volunteer service. Send a copy of the form to the Office of University Risk Management.