Requirements for Driving on University Business

State and CSU guidelines require that any University employee or volunteer who drives on University business must complete and meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age or older, must have a valid California or other State driver’s license, and have not been issued more than three moving violations or have been responsible for more than three accidents (or any combination or more than three thereof) during the past twelve month period.The driver and all passengers in any vehicle driven on University business must wear a seat belt and all accidents must be reported to University Police or the Office of University Risk Management within 48 hours.
  • Submit an original completed AUTHORIZATION TO OBTAIN DRIVING RECORDS FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES (INF 254) PDF File Opens in new window  to University Police, UPD.
  • The AUTHORIZATION TO USE PRIVATELY OWNED VEHICLES ON STATE BUSINESS (STD 261) PDF File Opens in new window is only required if driving a private vehicle on University business. The original STD 261 is retained with the department supervisor and must be renewed every fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th).
  • Persons driving on behalf of the University must be in an active State-funded pay status or in an appointed Volunteer status, and have a current valid California or other State’s Driver’s License and maintain a good driving record.
  • Must have written approval by an individual authorized by the President to grant such approval.
  • Complete University on-line Defensive Driver Training. This must be completed once every four years. Only University employees or volunteers may drive University vehicles.
  • To confirm that you have met these requirements or to update your records, log onto the Employee Training Center in new window
  • University employees who drive small carts or 12-15 passenger vans must complete University approved small cart or safety training. This must be completed once every 3-4 years. Contact Environmental Health & Safety – EHS for additional information on completing this requirement (657) 278-7233.


A person who drives less than once a month or less than 12 times annually need not complete the above DDT course. The Department Administrator/Chair must verify that:

  • The person has a valid California or other State driver's license in his/her possession and the driver's license is of the correct class for the type of vehicle he/she is driving. The driver must file a one time "Authorization to Obtain Driving Records from the Department of Motor Vehicles" form (INF254)PDF File Opens in new window with University Police. 
  • A visiting employee from another country, here for more than six months, must have a valid United States driver's license in their possession in order to drive a University or State vehicle. Anyone who does not have a valid United States driver's license should contact the Office University Risk Management at (657)278-7346. The driver must be familiar with all regulations specific to the California Vehicle Code.